Friday, November 21, 2008

3 Parts

So as my title implies, this will be an entry done in three parts, mainly to make it easier on me to organize my thoughts, and it may prove easy for you to digest and follow. Win Win right?

SCHOOL- Well, today I didn't have much to do. This morning in Debate I had to go against James, who is a Senior and Vice President of the Debate team. GREAT FUN. I think it was the first time I actually got equal competition. Also, I think I gave better speeches then him. Conviction can take you a long way.

Other than that In Debate class, nothing much happened for the rest of the day.... wait I had to get a scoliosis test, which was slightly awkward because i had to take my shirt off in front of the nurse and basically stand there with nothing but pants and a bra on. Not to mention the room was cold. Jeezus people ever hear of a Heater? It's freakin 35 degrees outside! No need to keep it a chilly 65 inside!

Also, I got harassed by some weird kid who keeps calling me Chuck. Every time he does that I'm just like, "DUDE. Who the fck are you?"

MOVIES- After school, my papa picked me up in his red truck because as mentioned before my parents are down in New Orleans without me. First I went out to eat with two new friends of mine who live in the Dallas/Central Texas area and then went to see Twilight. Yeah, it wasn't too fun because all these girls where screaming every time a romantic scene came up.

Hopefully when I go and see it next Friday it won't be as bad. Anyways, since I couldn't watch the movie in peace me and MG and MT just goofed off and had fun in the seats. Hehe I had fun using them as my guinea pigs*. Anyways, at the end of the night MG and I exchanged affections....... yeah.

Also, I'm still kinda in denial of the Twilight. I'm not too sure if it was a good or bad movie, so hopefully me seeing it again next weekend will reassure me on whether or not it was good or bad.

WHAT I REALLY MEANT*- Ok, so by guinea pigs, I mean I tested out my 'skills' in body language and psychology on MG. Yeah, I know, it's wasn't morally or ethically right for me to do it, but I really wanted a fresh person to test it out on! And the best part is that it worked! I hit all the main points I wanted to accomplish, which basically was, 1. Reinstate a connection, 2. Demonstrate possible interest, 3. Reward.

Points one and two was basically a tangle of different body language messages I was trying to read, and in turn send out. It's amazing how much you can read off a person once you have the knowledge to do so!

And the last point was basically a 'reward' for my efforts, which of course was a nice score. Too bad his friend was there. It made it kinda awkward with MT just standing there and looking kind of left out. Oh well, I achieved what I really wanted, which was results; and even though I slightly did use MG, it was all for a good cause.

Also, hehe me and MG were rapping Hollaback Boy during the baseball scene of the movie, and be assured we got quite a few looks.


  1. what an eventful day! hope that the exchange of affection was pleasant! sounds exciting. i bet that you have heard "Edward Cullen" come out of someone's mouth a million times today. i have! i haven't seen the movie yet. who knows? i could become one of those people! the actor IS very pretty.

  2. I'm gald your debate went so well! :D And please tell me the movie was better than the book so I can at least have a reason for watching it, lol. My friend wants me to go watch it with her and I'm like "eeeeh... no." Bah. "exchanged affections"? Lol nice. Poor MT x3