Saturday, September 14, 2013

I got some splainin' to do...

I faintly recall some quote by some person that said something along the lines of -life is what happens when you're busy planning- more or less.

That's pretty much what's been happening.  I've neglected everything that was once important to me (writing, reading, sparking random debates) in the name of spontaneity.  Not saying that the aforementioned can't be done in the spur of the moment, but I'm sort of just trying to "find myself", as cliche and hackneyed as that may read.

I've slowly built up a small group of friends who are, although nothing like my friends back home, wonderful.

All of this self discovery was brought on by my recent relationship status of being single.  After a series of small arguments and breaks of trust (come on guys, IT'S NOT COOL to go through someone's phone) my boyfriend and I called it quits.  Technically he broke up with me, and I didn't fight it.  He claims that I cheated on him because I was texting my friends from tech school--- most of those conversations consisting of "Hey, how's it going?"  and "Have fun with celibacy you turd" and "Well, at least your hand will never break your heart."

And while the last two are of course lewd, that's just how I joke around with my friends.

It was better for me that we did, because I've been able to branch out and bond with more people.  I've seen more of California in the past few weeks than I have the entire time I've been here.

My now ex-boyfriend has been relentlessly trying to get back together with me, and it's been exhausting. We've both talked about the flaws in our relationship and while he claims that he's "changed" I'm not convinced.  He told me that he made a mistake dumping me, and he's been really mopey. One night he called me crying so hard, I was afraid to leave him by himself.  However, I refuse to take him back just because I feel bad for him. (also I've made a few posts about this on my Tumblr)

Whenever I'm not trying to dodge my ex-boyfriend's advances I've been watching scary movies (something which RARELY happens), zip-lining, hanging out with fancy people, eating macaroons, buying cute underwear, and working out more.

So yeah, that's been going on.