Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh no my gosh

So today was just another one of those days in which I'm just all- "YAWN.  Hey, what?"

I think I seriously missed out on the Pep Rally memo.  It was no ordinary Pep Rally either, it was a black light Pep Rally, which means it was a glowy Pep Rally.  Very Fun.

First period as always was Debate, and Miranda was kinda weird.  Miranda, if you're reading this I'd appreciate an explanation.  Anyways, today we were practicing speeches and we both didn't know what Authoritarianism was, and it wasn't in the dictionary, and she needed to know what it meant.

We both kind of thought is was like a dictatorship/communism type thing but we weren't sure so I was all like, dude, just ask Jacob (aka debate president person mabob).

And for some odd reason she refused, so I went over and asked Jacob for her and he ended up coming over to her and having to explain, which made her realllllly mad.  Why, I have no Idea.

If you don't know something you ask questions.  It's not a bad thing, heck I do it all the time and look where its got me.  I now know a lot more than I actually should.

Also, I'M SO HAPPY that the president of Iran sent a congratulation letter to our one and only President-Elect.  GREAT.  Another reason for  all the Conservative Republicans to freak out.  Thanks Ahmadinejad.  Next time you have to pee I hope it burns.  JK, Jk, please don't bomb my house.


  1. Well hell, maybe we can get along now and the world won't self implode. At least Iran won't now, I still don't know about those Russians. Joking. Sort of.

  2. interesting. thanks for linking that article.

  3. Hmmm... Maybe she really likes Jason? Or maybe she's secretly authoritarian? Or maybe I'm just spouting a load of rubbish.... I think the last one's most likely :P

    The Masked Avenger

  4. ugh. I know this is like way late, but whatever. Explanation: I don't like asking for things. I have an inferiority complex. Really really bad. And plus, I didn't want to deal with Jacob cuz I figured he'd make some sarcastic comment if I asked. That be it. Seriously. And I was still kinda bummed out about the election, but that's completely irrelevant.