Friday, November 14, 2008


So tomorrow I have another debate meet, and I know the majority of the crap I speak about is debate, but I reaaaalllllyy like it. Why? Because I feed off of politics and I like being right.

There. I said it.

So today in anticipation I talked a lot about politics. Many of my beliefs had to be defended, and for a good reason.

Gay Marriage, And Prop. 8

Today I got into the 'moral' aspect of the thought of Gay marriage with my friends, and I understand where they're coming from. Most of my friends are Christian, and their religion says that gay marriage is wrong, but who are we to play God and say, "Hey. You're gay. You can't get married because MY God that you might not believe in says that you're participating in sin."

I don't think that we as Humans have the right to pass judgement, because in the end we all do something wrong and we all sin. Who are we to persecute others for being imperfect, when we ourselves are flawed.

If you don't like Gay people, or them wanting to join in holy matrimony then don't associate with those individuals, and don't get a gay marriage.

I can't stress this issue enough. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN OTHERS BECAUSE OF THEIR BELIEFS. And BTW it's really tacky to rub the fact that a law was passed that made it to where they couldn't marry the person they loved. RESPECT.

Yes, even those radical KKK members. If they want to believe that then fine. The only reason we should step in and intercept is if they harm other beings.

It's like the philosopher Immanuel Kant taught, don't interfere. If a train was speeding down the tracks and on one end of the tracks was a group of Caucasian babies, and on the other end was a group of African babies, and you only had the ability to save one group, which would you save?

Neither. You would walk away. The only way to have a clear conscience is to NOT interfere. This is how we should treat gay marriage and other issues of the sort. Don't interfere. Just let stuff happen. It's best to ignore it than get worked up about something like same sex marriage.

If you don't like it then don't do it. Plain and simple.



    If your confident in your own sexuality, why should you care if someone is gay? No one is making YOU gay. Love is love no matter what.

    Touchy subject though. In school I really try to avoid it because it causes quite the commotion!

  2. Seriously? Don't interfere? That's your solution. You know, babies die all the time. You can't save all of them. That's no reason not to pull the one in front of you out of the bucket of water it's drowning in. You'd have to be some kind of monster to intentionally let a group of babies die just because you couldn't save ANOTHER group of babies. That's retarded. Since you like debating so much, try that "don't interfere" argument with a holocaust survivor some time.

    In any case, your analogy doesn't apply. Marriage existed before government, and therefore exists outside of it and is independent of it. Government cannot freely redefine an institution that it does not legitimately have any control over. The term "marriage" has a meaning, and while that meaning may evolve over time, it's up to the government not to interfere (in your words) with the culture.

  3. i think that her "don't interfere" statement was done more out of illustration than practicality.

    i agree with all of your arguments, B.S. people who aren't Christians get married everyday. and for some people "marriage" can mean having more than one wife. it's a relative word that has existed before government, especially the US government. so yes, if you don't like it--don't do it!

  4. What I mean by "don't interfere" is if some one gets married, or decides to have an abortion, if it has nothing to do with you stay out!

    Also, the holocaust thing, that's different from my train track analogy. In my analogy you had to choose between which lives to save and whatever choice you made you would be considered biased and evil. So in a situation like that it's best to not take action and to not interfere.

    And you're right marriage did exist before government, but government it what upholds it and protects it. I think it's absurd to have laws put up saying that you can't marry someone of the same gender. All I want is for people who don't like homosexual marriage to just stay out and mind their own business. The legal binding of two same sex individuals doesn't affect them, so therefore they shouldn't care.

  5. I agree with your "don't interfer" belief. If it doesn't affect you derectly, why get all mixed up with it? Save the white baby and you're racist against blacks. Save the balc babies and you're racist against whites. Save neither and you're not invovled. And if someone asks why you didn't save them, say you had no time and move on with you life. Some people are just cruel and think they can contrl the world to be in their likeness, using God as an excuse to get their way. They just need to butt out and mind their own.

    PS. Don't you hate when people say, "They're letting gays get married?! Next thing you know, they'll be letting people marry their dogs."

    How DARE you compare a human being who happens to attracted to the same (or both) sexes to a DOG!? Ooooh, when I hear that, I get soooo mad! Some people need to get off their high horse and live a day in someone else's shoes. Maybe then they won't be so ignorant.

    Sorry, I'm getting off topic ^^;; But, er, jaa, I agree! O: