Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dream Life

Ok, so I basically ripped this off of Cherry, who ripped it off of Bryanna. So it goes.

Anyways, as far as perfect lives go, and perfect spouses, I think Anderson Cooper or Gaspard Ulliel would suffice. Anderson Hays Cooper is 41, but don't worry we could work it out.... maybe. And Gaspard is 23 and deliciously french. Mhmmm both are a juicy pick! Also, since I suck at commitment, I would be having an affair with Mr.Darcy.

We would take our vows outside in the beautiful country of Slovenia, and just by looking at the country would be enough to convince myself that I'm not tying away my life through marriage.

And my wedding dress would look something like this except a bit whiter.... and glow in the dark.And of course my lovers and I would live in a loft in Slovenia, and next to our loft would be our famous art studio in which I display my artwork.Of course their would be children. Well let's just say there will be a child.

Hehe so that's my dream life in a nutshell.


  1. your dream life seems so lovely! trying to imagine that dress "whiter" made me smile. your dream lovers are gorgeous!

  2. :D Your dream life is amazing! Slovencia is a beautiful place; That would be an awesome wedding! What language do they speak there? Ah, whatever, haha. Pretty cool to have an art studio O: It's like a novel... for artist x3 I think... lol I couldn't think of a better analogy.

  3. Well their official Language is Slovene, but many citizens also speak Hungarian and Italian.