Monday, November 24, 2008

Joy in the morning

Ok, so I usually don't blog so early in the morning, but today is special.  Why?

Because I've discovered TweetDeck.  Basically, it's just another App for Twitter, but I get to customize it and make it look pretty.  Or, well I customize the colors to match my desktop, which in turn makes me think it's pretty.

Anyways, in other news today I'm going to be a good Samaritan by volunteering to put canned food into gift baskets for the less fortunate this year.  I feel all happy inside knowing that I'm going to be helping people out this Thanksgiving.

And of course, some of my friends and family have been harassing me about the fact that I'm organizing food for so called 'lazy people', but I always try to keep in mind that those 'lazy people' have families that need to eat.  No child should go without a meal because their parents were too 'lazy'.

Also, I get to hang out with Art Club and friends while volunteering, which of course is an extra plus.


  1. That and not all homeless people are lazy bums. Some just can't get their head up in this tumultuous economy.

  2. Ooh, that TweetDeck thingie looks cool...although it may not be a good idea to further fuel my Twitter addiction...

  3. Your Tweetdeck is cute!

    My mom thinks that homeless and "low-income" families are lazy as well, but some aren't.

  4. i was actually thinking about volunteering today. you get such a wonderful feeling from it [and i really need to feel better]. and you to hang out with your friends while doing it, which is just that much nicer.