Sunday, November 16, 2008

In which I have Poe Tendancies

So it turns out my parents had to buy a new washing machine, and now in turn I owe them $400.

Yeah. That's a lot of money. So they're going to get me a job, and I'm going to have to pay them back with whatever I earn.

Fun fun.

Anyways, I think I got off a lot better than I could of. I mean, I didn't get grounded, which is great, I'm just going to have to pay off my second colossal debt.

I think the first time I broke something it was the computer, which I had to pay around $200 to get fixed. Great right?


  1. That's gay. I would make it seem like they broke something of mine that was expensive and make THEM pay for it. haha

  2. Awww, I'm sorry. Well, hey, at least you're looking on the brightside! :D Did you tell them that you didn't touch the washing machine? Or did they just choose to not listen at all? ><

  3. bleh whenever I get blamed for something I usually don't do anything about it.

    I hate fighting with my parents, and it's much easier to just pay them back then fight about it.

  4. That's pretty dumb considering they can't prove you broke it not to mention it wasn't deliberate.
    On the other hand, America welcomes you to a land of debt and blame, glad to have you with us.
    BTW, funny fact, I had to type in "xporno" for my word verification.

  5. you sure are responsible. you should find satisfaction in that at least!