Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I do on Lazy Saturdays

  1. Watch videos on Youtube.
  2. Get in touch with some old school music, and mix it with some new school music (Buddy Holly and Owl City anyone?)
  3. Talk to B, and maybe some other long lost friends
  4. Read the December 2008 issue of Vogue.
  5. Watch some old Anderson Cooper Footage.
  6. Work on some English homework.
  7. Day dream about different things, like what it would be like if I met Anderson Cooper while running for State Senate.
  8. Pet the horse that's right next to my grandparent's house.
  9. Think about what I'm buying everyone for Christmas.
  10. Blog, and read other people's blogs.
*EDIT- Well, apparently I also update APL on lazy Saturdays. Feel free to check out the post. Click here to see it.

1 comment:

  1. yes, i daydreamed way too much on my lazy saturday [Ville Valo!!!]. and napped. the day was just one big nap with breaks for meals. at least you were productive and blogged! i commented on the APL update; nice post!