Monday, September 29, 2008

Teacher's Pet Much?

Ok, so I'm tired of being the 'good person'.

The person that looks the other way when inappropriate or unfair things happen.

Ever since the start of the year my Teacher's Assistant (let's call him Pied Piper) has been flirting with a fellow freshman in my class (who we'll refer to as Kitty Pride).

At first it was just the the occasional flirty banter back and forth, but is has now progressed to physical stuff.

Now, this probably wouldn't bother me if, ONE he wasn't our Teacher Assistant, and TWO the person who has partial control over our grades.  

The class that I'm in requires a lot of focus and dedication, both of which I have put into the class, but Kitty comes along and gets by with nothing.

She doesn't do ANY work, and basically gets out of stuff by whining and acting cute.  It's not fair that she's still in the class because in my opinion she doesn't deserve the A she's making in there right now.  While doing work I get criticized for one little mistake, whereas when she just sits there and does nothing she actually gets rewarded in a sense.

All I want is some egality.  And a little bit of revenge.  I know it's probably horrible to say, but I hope the teacher finds out and reprimands them-- however, I won't be the snitch that turns them in.

Why do I hope they get in trouble?  Well when they're flirting, it takes away from Pied Piper's time to help the class, and my time to learn.  Not to mention it's just plain weird and gross because he's 18 and a senior, and she's 14 and a freshman.  

Four years is a big difference, and under any other circumstances it would be ok, but let's think again-- Pied Piper has basic control over what grade we make, which means even though I do my work and put effort in, Kitty who just sits there and whines about not knowing what to do can get a higher grade then me.

Is that fair?  I think not.

Art Courtesy of 13thousand

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes I feel like Stock

When I speak, most of the time I don't filter what I say, which leads to awkwardness and people thinking that I'm VERY weird.

And not the conventional D&D player weird, or the person who just sits there staring at you weird-- but the weird that everyone thinks is kinda funny, but scary at the same time.

How do I know this?  hehe I'm a good eavesdropper.  Now, to set things straight and to be honest, I'm the type of person who will deliberately talks bad about someone really loud when they're near.

Usually I get two different type of reactions.  They flee like little cowards, or they turn around all 'WTF you wanna say that to my face biotch?'.  When the people turn around I usually continue talking and go YEAH.  I just did that.

However, in the case a few days ago where I heard the person talking about me, I genuinely think they didn't know I was listening, because they were in a room, and I just happened to be outside when I heard my name.  Nothing bad was said, they just went on about how weird I was.

The only thing that got to me was when the person said, "You know, I actually think she could be pretty popular and cool if she just dressed differently and hung out with the right people.  I mean, she wouldn't be a dominant person but she'd definitely have potential.  In the popular group there's always the sexy one, and the smart and sporty one, and the artsy one.  Like I said, you know, she could probably be the artsy one.  All she has to do is clean herself up and hook up with the right group."

DUDE.  Who talks about people like they're stock exchange?  I mean, I talk about how people's futures are gonna turn out if they don't help themselves, but I felt like a--- I don't know.  I felt like a piece of stock in the Wall Street Journal. (ex.  all they need to do is fix their marketing program and fire a few people)

I'm sorry, but being weird is what I do.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Public Speaking = Vomit Inducing

So today was my big debate meet-- actually I'm exaggerating there were only ten schools, but it was my first so it was big to me.

I ran through a large range of emotions that I didn't know I could feel today. All of which were brought up through public speaking. I had to do an Extemporaneous speech, and for those of you who don't know what that is, you basically draw a topic, and have 30 minutes to write a speech about the said topic, then you have up to 7 minutes to talk about it.

Now, if you're used to public speaking then I guess it's ok, but if you're like me, and are easily intimidated by older more educated speech/debate judges then you're screwed like I was.

It's not even funny how bad I bombed. The people who organized the event PUT ME AGAINST THE PERSON WHO GOT 8TH IN STATE LAST YEAR.

And it was my very first meet. So of course they wiped the floor with me and I drowned in my own metaphorical blood and vomit. In all of the ten hours I spent at the meet I think I wanted to laugh, cry, crawl in the fetal position, laugh some more, shave my head and have a Brittany moment, and cry.

Ah, well it's just another learning experience right? The only way you can get better is if you fall on your face, because then you have to pick yourself back up and re-apply some make up so no one sees the big bruise you got from the asphalt.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Give me a reason.

Ok, so I discussed with my parents about the whole Pre- Drill thing, and they said they'd be more than happy to buy the crap.  Hooray for me--- not really.

Moving on though, something very odd happened.  One of my good friend's ex was being nice to me....?

I know it's very menial and stupid, but still, It's weird.  Even after I called him a douche bag and told him his band sucked.  Ok, get this- he tried to hug me..... twice.  It's weird because I'm caught in between my friend, who hates his guts, and my own self judgment that's telling me that he could be a cool person to hang around.

Being loyal to my friend is a top priority, and it's not like I'd EVER like the guy, so would it be wrong to converse with him?  Personally, I think my friend blew things out of proportion like most girls do, but still.

I feel torn between crossing the lines that shouldn't be crossed, and being a good friend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Dear Me.

Ok, so other than having to go through the daunting fear of telling my parents that I want to drop out of pre drill, or asking them for the dance gear money--- I've been reading a bit about Sarah Palin.

Now, let me say after all the things I've heard/read I'm seriously scared out of my mind.

DOOCE did a recent post on the Palin issue which was accompanied by a video, and some of the comments left on her blog were very true, and funny about Palin.

After a couple of minutes of researching, I found out that it did take Sarah Palin a while to get her bachelor's degree. Dude, isn't that like the easiest degree to get?

Haha this one just made me wanna pee myself laughing, because deep down, I know it's true. Wait, do they even have GAPs in Alaska?

Ok, if that last one didn't at least make you smile you must be pretty right winged.

btw, for anyone who cares, I think I lost my math book >,<

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BUSY and I need money.

Holy mother of Bhudda.

It should be an unholy sin to be this busy.  I've got tests like crazy, a Debate meet this weekend, my friends birthday the 29th, and 3 art commissions.

The test I could do without.  I detest studying, and I could also do without the Debate meet.  Even the thought of the event is puke inducing.

I'm making my friend a special b-day present that takes some time to make, but is awesome in the end.  For some odd reason I posses strange but useful paper mache making skills.

And my art commissions are my ONLY source of income.  Just today I've had three people commission me, which means if they go through with it I get $15.

Yes, not much seeing as I'm selling each peice for $5, but it's worth it.  I'm afraid if I go any lower I wouldn't be earning money, but if I go higher no one will buy.   >.<  I hate asking my parents for money.  It's so awkward.  I don't see how some of my friends just beg their parents for money and get it.  For some reason I feel guilty asking them for ANYTHING.  Which includes clothes and school stuff.  

Ever feel guilty for mooching of your parents?

Image Courtesy of Konehita

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't write if you don't mean it.

When I blog, I usually use this as an outlet for whatever thoughts are spewing from my mind-- which means if I'm fawning over Gaspard, or angry about politics, I'll probably wright about it on here.

Some thought goes into my posts, and sometimes they're about abstract subjects.  Sometimes it's just about how my day went, or a conversation with someone.

My point is, when you blog mean it.  And if you're going to bad talk someone, make sure you'd actually say it to their face.  You never know who could stumble upon your blog and use the things you type up as blackmail.

I make it a personal law to not write anything I don't mean.  Yes, I may come off as stupid and ignorant for voicing my beliefs, but it's me, and my raw uncensored thoughts.  ---However, I am trying to cut down on the bad language.  I know, very cliche, but it bothers me when I type some cuss words, unless I'm angry.

Even though you think you're being careful, you have to watch out.  Things like blogs may seem like harmless little popular accessories, but they're not.  They are tools by which we communicate with the outside world.  Make sure the messages you're sending out are genuine, and won't come back to bite you in the butt.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Some joy

Ok, so I've realised that most of my recent posts have been thumbitingly harsh and a bit serious so I decided to change the tone for today.

Yes, I know I said I probably wasn't going to blog today Bekka :[  Sue me.  On second thought, don't.  I'm po and my parents gots all da mo-nay.

So to lighten the mood I'm posting the two pics that made me giggle uncontrollably today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Downfall of the Century

The economy in America as of 2008 sucks. I mean, it's sucked before, like in the Great Depression, but this year I think we could probably top it.

Why you ask? Well speaking from personal experience, my parents make pretty good money. In fact, if they made the same amount of money 5 years ago we would probably be considered rich. However since the decline in our economy, we've had to cut down on vacations, movie trips, and other family things, instead we spend our money on gas, gas, more gas, and some baby stuff.

I don't have a small family, in fact I have a Dad, Stepmom, 2 little sisters, and a baby brother. So in all counting me that's 6 people in my immediate family. Now, think. My parents, bhudda bless them, always provide for us, getting us presents for birthdays and Christmas, providing for food that we all like, buying us clothes when we need it, and paying for all the little extra stuff along the way--- and I'm lucky to have such thrifty parents.

Sure, as mentioned above we've had to cut a couple of luxuries, but we're getting by on a cushion.

I can't bare to imagine what it's like for people who didn't have it well off to begin with. Right now, my parents are still trying to find a house, but because of all the foreclosures and the banks jacking up prices it's been kind of hard for them to find anything.

Sometimes I worry about college, and what it'll be like when I get my car. With all the Wall Street crap happening it gets even scarier. Are we truely entering into the next Great Depression? Our culture is fad obsessed, buying the latest phones, and ipods the moment they come out. I don't think I know but a handful of people that have had the same phone for a year....

Kids nowadays are out for the latest games, trashing the old ones once the better versions hit the market.

We as people are always wasting our resources, wanting nothing but the freshest products. For once, instead of whining to your parents about that new $200 phone, why don't you let them have that money so they can use it to gas up their car? Right now America is like an obese spoiled child whom everyone loves to mock.

No wonder though with all the crap we do-- I mean look! One of our biggest banks has crashed, leaving many without jobs, or depending on some other company to come and pick up the pieces.

Are we as consumers to blame? YES.

Are those as producers to blame? YES.

Collectively it's a general fault that is doing nothing but leading us down a guilt ridden path of self destruction.

I can't really say that I'm all to happy about the upcoming election because either way we're screwed. Yeah, I just said it. WE'RE SCREWED. I don't have much faith in McCain, and Obama is slightly scary.

I just hope that by the time I'm able to vote we'll have either fixed our economy, or invented hover cars.

I'm not holding my breath for either.

p.s.  I just registered for a Now Debate This account.  


When I think of people disrespecting others, I think of people being outright rude.

Implying that a certain phrase like "If Mary had an abortion there would be no Jesus" is nothing but BS and sorta makes you look like a dumb@ss when you say it is not disrespect.  It's just saying that I think that people who say it need to read their bible.

Now on the other hand if you were my boss, or elder, and I called you outright a dumb@ss, that is disrespect.

However, I guess if your were one of those types of people who are touchy about your faith, I would see where you could find a phrase like that offensive, or disrespectful. So please, stop spamming my email, I apologize for being hypocritical in your eyes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Re: The life and soul debate.

Ok, I just got home from a Debate super conference, so I decided to type this post while in a debatable mood :]

While on my search for other opinions, I found many people who were willing to offer theirs up. Other than my blog, I reached out to the Myspace community and the forum boards, and I got quite a few responses. I picked out the ones that mainly caught my eye.

This one is from Meg, from the gURL forum:
Oh gawd PLZ dont get me started on this -oops too late- I am SOOO against abortion. its wrong!instead of abortion have the baby...put it up for adoption!yeah...if u did get raped and u dont want to have if coz of the memory...put it up 4 adoption! i mean CMON! im SOOOOO sick or ppl asking advice on abortion! go wit ur heart;hopefully ur gunna make the right choicebut remember.abortions have side effects lyk 4 ex; guilt;depression;sadness;ect


Well Meg, if you actually read my post, you would see that I in fact am not pregnant, but ya know, I get what you're talking about with the side effects. However, it's only suitable to think that if they're going through with the abortion they would fully know what they were getting into. Also, what would you suggest for a baby born of incest? They could be born with many health, or physical problems-- don't forget if they want to actually look for their parents, imagine how freaked out they would be if they found out that their parents were brother/sister uncle/niece or other things.

Another reply from hopefullymommy on gURL(same thread):
That is a personal decision. I'm in the middle. It's not my business if someone decides to have one. I wouldn't have one myself. The only time I think it's absolutely horrible is when it's used as a form of birth control. I have an "ex" friend (we just don't talk anymore) who has had 4+ abortions- and I think that is wrong, she uses it as BC. BUT it had no effect on our friendship, and it was her choice.
Now, with your friend, that is where I start to question abortion. However, it was her choice-- so I guess whatever works for her, it's her money and fetus.

This was from meaniechristeanie from gURL:
I personlly believe life starts at conception, because right then and there, God knows EXACTLY who that baby is, and what that baby will do with it's life.

And while in the womb, the baby can think, considering it can tell the difference from ther
e mothers voice, to anyone elses voice.

Ok, it says that ". You have no thoughts, you are basically just there and growing. I remember when I was three and my parents lived in a tiny apartment and I played on the stairs."

Well, i don't remember anything from when i was 0-3 years, so why can't you just kill me then, i wont remember anything? Thats basically what you're saying. And the baby does have a soul in the womb. What makes a difference between the baby in the womb one second, and it coming out of the vag in the next 3 seconds? Everything that baby does when it come out, it could do when it was in the womb. You just can't see it.
Yes, I know while in the womb a baby moves around, which is why when people get abortions they get them early on. I never said that I wanted to abort babies in the third trimester or anything. Also, the soul/memory issue didn't apply to that, I was just stating how I think that when we are babies, we're basically like empty shells. Sort of like a clean slate also.

Also, my friend Asstin replied to a bulletin I sent out:
Here's some comments also from the bulletin:Yes, Lizzel you did in fact tell the truth. Right now my inbox is so spammed it's not even funny. The least they could do was spell abortion right.

And Michelle, don't you think the term mass murder is a little harsh? I mean as my friends Stormy and Bekka say, Look at China: no offense, but they are over populating the world, which of course leads to food shortages, and impoverished families. Again with the adoption issue-- I already mentioned it. Also, no my mom didn't have an abortion, but I bet she's wishing she had one now after all the crap I put her through.

Now for some of the comments from my blog:

Periodic Encounters--
I am also pro choice/legalized abortion for many of those reasons. I personally think that life begins at birth, but abortions do get more dangerous the further along someone is and for that reason if someone decides to have an abortion they should definitely do it as soon as they can. As for the religious stuff, I'm not religious so that doesn't apply to my views on what is wrong or right. Also, just to add another bit about why I believe in legalized abortions, I don't think some people realize that some women get pregnant and they just cannot support a baby and then the whole adoption argument arises. Here's the thing though, going through a pregnancy, even if you don't plan to keep the kid, is still extremely expensive (checkups, vitamins, etc) if you do not have health insurance and many people don't. Sure, they got pregnant in the first place, but what if it was because of a broken condom? Or rape? Or something as simple as forgetting to have protected sex? Should someone who has no desire to have a baby be forced to carry it to term? Another thing while on the topic, Bush wants to redefine abortion and make contraceptives illegal (birth control, etc) for women which I think is a horrible idea. Not only will this completely do away with many "safe sex" practices seeing as BC is the most affective, but it send us back in time where just having contraceptives was something to be scorned. People are going to have sex, it's just how things are, they should have the means to at least chose practices that don't lead to pregnancy. Not to mention, there will always be women who want abortions and, if they aren't legal, they're going to turn to dangerous methods to get them. Most importantly, like you stated, women get to choose what happens to them, its their body and I don't think other people should have an influence over that.
Wow, again I'm always happy to read your comments. They're very informed, even for a comment that was probably composed in a couple of minutes. Plus you basically just covered almost all the arguments that are being made against me in my inbox -.-

i make a concious decision not to choose either side, because I would, in effect, be putting the other side down.. and I refuse to do that.. "to each his own" and whatnot..

I will say that around the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester womb-babies do cry, suck their thumbs, open their eyes, etc.... so PERHAPS the SOUL starts then, which is why it is DEFINITELY illegal to abort during that time..

either way, nothing says it better than: don't do what YOU don't agree with... and mind your own business...
It's good that you've made that decision for yourself. Also, with the soul issue, I think that might be true-- but then again all we have is theories. I really like that thought though.

i have to say, i agree with about 50% of ur blog, and disagree about 50%. i personally dont support abortion, but i dont look down on people that do. i do have to say though, that i believe that all aborted fetuses should go towards stem-cell research.

just one of the reasons i dont support abortions is i see it as a cowardly thing to do. im not saying that people that have abortions are cowards, i just feel that they are taking an easy way out of a careless mistake. i believe that if you are "mature" enough to make the decision to have sex, you should be responsible and consider the cons of ill-preparation. i definately agree that we should be left to make our own decisions, and that no one should have the audacity to look down on anyone for their actions. but although we should all have the right to make our own decisions, i believe that if you get pregnant, then you should have your baby and put it up for adoption, if you still feel the same after having the baby.

is it just me, or is the spelling of fetus really ignorant looking?
I get what you're saying, and I like the stem cell research idea. At least then, you could argue that the dead fetuses are going toward a productive cause. And of course, you have your own personal preference, but it's nice that you don't discriminate. Dude, now that you mention it, the spelling does look really stupid...... hehe.

Overall, I liked how this turned out. It was an informative thing that I might consider doing again, however for the sake of my brain and all the school work I have to do I might not do another collective debate for a while. Also, my time has now been pre occupied with DDR seeing as how my parents bought it for me last night!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Soul, and Life Debate

So the ever eventful TAB meeting was today and I had to go home before the debate was finished but the subject was very serious, and something that really fires me up.

Unfortunately I left before I could fully explain my debate, and of course I was interrupted by Mary many times before I could make a valid point, so now I turn to my ever convenient blog to voice my young, but informed and raw opinion. Let me warn you. What I might say will probably come off as offensive, so if you're looking to pick a fight go ahead and click on the 'X' on the screen. However, I would like your opinion at the end of the post, so do whatever.

All formalities aside-- I state now, and for as long as I live that I am pro legalized abortions and pro choice. I have been recently told that there is a difference, and I now see that. I have many reasons for both, but for the sake of my hands I'll only type up the few important ones.

  1. Pro Choice does not mean Pro Death. Please people, for the sake of all that is just and moral, understand that Pro Choice means that women get to CHOOSE what will happen to their body. As an American Citizen, we all have the choice to tattoo our body, drink, smoke, have sex, dye our hair-- Why not have the choice of keeping our babies or terminating our pregnancies? I would be mighty pissed if the government told me what to do with my body. In fact, I don't think any human being has the right to look down upon another because of their personal choices. IT'S A FREE FRIGGIN COUNTRY we should have the CHOICE to do whatever we want. If you don't like abortions, THEN DON'T GET ONE. We as human beings must be able to accept the fact that not everything will go our way, so when someone makes a decision that has nothing to do with you, butt out. By all means, you can be supportive but when opinions get the best of you and you decide to pass a law that takes away a woman's choice to do what she wants with her body--- that's where I draw the line.

  2. I don't believe that life starts until we are born. Yes, while in the womb you are nothing but a blob, a growing blob that will one day develop arms, eyes, ears, etc. Now tell me, does that mass of growth in a woman's stomach have a soul? Many argue that life starts at conception, but I think life starts when you are born, when you first have a thought, when you look up at someone and smile. As a baby in the womb you do nothing but feed off of your mother. You have no thoughts, you are basically just there and growing. I remember when I was three and my parents lived in a tiny apartment and I played on the stairs. I remember all my dolls, and my mother working at sonic, and having the occasional accident on the carpet while potty training. Sometimes I wonder if we are all just empty shells until we remember things. However, as pointed out last night, many people have memory problems-- does that mean they don't have souls? No, they have souls, they can talk, make decisions, move, cry, smile, they think. Is someone who is a vegetable on life support have a soul? No, I think that their soul has left their body. What I'm saying is, The moment we make a decision, whether it be if we like the rattle our parents put in our hands, or if we want jello for breakfast-- the moment we think and speak, cry or make a noise, kick our legs and flail our arms in frustration-- that is when we are human, that is when we have souls.

  3. Religion, please show some valid truth. Please, pray tell in the bible where it says that abortion is wrong, and please if you may use text out of the new testament. The old testament in this case isn't really all that valid, seeing as most of the laws apply to Jews, and not Gentiles. Although I am a fourth Jewish, it means nothing. I still eat crab, and meat that is not kosher, I go to the movies on the Sabbath. Please smite me with lightning if you object. However, many religious people say IF MARY GOT AN ABORTION THERE WOULD BE NO JESUS. Now, repeat that to yourself three times very slowly in order to see what a dumb@ss you are. One, Mary and Joseph both had a vision from an Angel telling them that they were going to parent the son of God, so it's kinda common sense that they wouldn't try and kill off the baby lest they face the wrath of the ever almight God. Yeah, I just went there. Also, say that to a pro life Athiest and see all the crap that'll hit the fan. Contrary to belief, there are Athiests and Agnostics and Wiccas that are pro life, and they each have their own beliefs based off of morals, and personal choices, all of which have nothing to do with God.

  4. Believe what you want, just please disagree with respect. The only thing that pisses me off more than race discrimination is when people don't respect my opinions. If you believe that life starts in the womb, I respect that. If you believe abortion is murder, I respect your opinion. However, if you attack me, saying that I am WRONG and a total ignorant fool for my beliefs, that is where I draw the line. If I can respect your opinions, and thoughts, can you not do the same without alienating me? Can we not agree to disagree? Can we not voice our opinions without getting bashed in the head? I'm friends with someone who has opposite beliefs than mine, but we're still friends. We respect each other, and understand that each has their own personal standards. She's a great friend, and an awesome person who no matter what, respects people. Is that too much to ask of a person?

Lastly, I know this will probably blow up in my face, but I'm up for it: What are your Views? When does the Soul start, and what is considered murder? You can do a response blog and send me the link, or just simply leave a comment. I plan on keeping this post up for a few days, so please don't be afraid to voice what you believe, and be my guest to correct me if I'm factually wrong on any points.

Because I can.

Me:  Stephanie, get in the bathtub.


Me:  Um no.  How about we use a bath fizzy tonight.

Steph:  BIG GIRL BATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me:  You can have a big girl bath when you grow up.

Steph:  But my teacher says I'm growing NOW!!!!!!

Me:  How about this, you can have a big girl bath when you're taller than me.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Polygamy-- is not only for mormons

So yesterday I worked at the homecoming carnival painting faces, which was awesome-- but there were so many people working at the tables I didn't think they'd miss me if I disappeared half the night.

Sadly there weren't any rides at the carnival, there were however many tables and such, and one happened to be a Marriage booth.

Haha, in my first marriage I was married to maybe six people?? (maybe more?) Except I had to annul the marriage because I didn't really love the group like that.

My second marriage was to my wonderful friends Asstin and Jonny. It was a lovely marriage until I divorced them this morning because I'm not the type to like commitment. It was fun however having four husbands (at least I think it was 4).

I wouldn't mind being a polygamist, but the only downside is keeping track of all your husbands..... also I think it's the men who get all the wives.... that could be a problem.

Right now my back is currently throbbing like a mofo due to all the piggyback rides I freely gave, and also the heavy backpack I had to lug around during school.

As far as marriages go, I don't think I want any real ones.  They're way too stressful, so I don't know.  Also, as much as I try to claim that I'm not a jealous person-- sometimes jealousy does get the best of me on the inside, but outside wise people are really oblivious.  So all in all I don't think I'd be a very good significant other.

My bones ache to the core.

So as I'm typing this it's the last few moments of morning before I have to go to school and I am about to fall over from exhaustion.

It's not funny, or cool because today will be one of my more active days, but on the bright side I only have a half day of school today. Thank Bhudda.

Monday, September 15, 2008

We need some joy

Ok, so originally I was going to blog about what fun it was painting faces in art club, and how excited I am about the mock debate tomorrow morning, but I decided that today, the world needed something different.

When I got in the car today, my step mom told me that my dad was in a car accident.  It was nothing serious, but still it's a lot to swallow.

After having been through an almost fatal accident myself, anything involving the words wreck and car freak me out.  Even worse is the fact that someone in the accident I was in died.

Nothing bad really happend with my dad, but he'll probably have to take some trips to the chiropractor and his car is going to be in the shop for a while.  So, seeing as the above was very depressing for me, I have concocted a happy list of everything that brings me joy.  Yes, some of it is slightly demented, but deep down, honestly you know you're laughing a little inside--- just admit it.

The first thing would have to be what goes through most people's mind when someone particularly boring talks.  And yes, this has crossed my mind once or twice.

Second would have to be the best 35 seconds of your life.  It's probably one of my favourite videos.

And if this picture doesn't have some affect on you-- then you're just crazy.

And I know there are a lot of Dooce haters out there, but her one post about mormon hyms always seems to make my day.

Also, as sad as this might appear, I like reading her hatemail.  It just goes to show how many moronic people are out there on the web.

And while some may find this image isulting, I have to say even I as a feminist couldn't help but chuckle.

Hope you liked those little weird tidbits.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Folie a Deux

Haha the album cover looks like something I would draw!  
As sad as this may sound I still have a little faith left in them, even if their last album was a little over-produced.  I mean, I'm all for bands exploring other genres and such, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  (it did for P!ATD)

I mean, Fall Out Boy to me was the reason why my therapy sessions were so calm, they made me feel like I -as an all around messed up kid- could actually be normal.  I could relate to thier songs which were raw to the touch.  However with thier latest CD it just felt to distant.  I mean a couple of their songs were good, but other than that all the punk from their last album has just dissapated.

Who knows, maybe they'll turn things around with this record.  It's due November 4th, about a month and some odd days before my birthday.   Early b-day present anyone??

Hurricane Ike was no problem

Ah do I feel lucky right now! Hurricane Ike seemed pretty gentle for a hurricane going 90mph.

My lights or electricity didn't go out (thank bhudda) and the trees that did fall down completely missed my house by a total of 3 feet (woo!) we did however have a beautiful sunrise this morning that almost moved me to tears, and I think the birds are starting to return.

I don't know... Is it some cruel joke or something of mother nature's to send through such a horrible thing like a hurricane, and then the morning after make it the most beautiful day you've ever seen?

Not that I'm complaining--- my sister called us last night saying that the lights were out at my mom's house. Too bad for them. I guess that's what you get for being an Independant Fundemental Baptist.

And to Bekka, who seemed to have fun outside during the horrible weather---  You and your dad are crazy.  And not the cool crazy either the kind of crazy that gets killed in a hurricane crazy!  I'm glad you didn't die though.

-PS has anyone tried out the google Chrome program?  I would love it if it didn't shut down all my myspace pages.  It's hella fast and easy to start.  It's like Firefox and Opera combined and only 50mg!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cleaning, and Updating.

Oh wow,  today I have a big task ahead of me!

Yesterday I started thinking about all my accounts, and how I need to update the about me sections.  Today I looked at them and noticed each one was different, and if one were to read them you would think that each description belonged to a different person, due to the fact that they were written at different points in my life.

So today I'm going to rewrite them-- or to be more specific I'm going to write ONE and use them for all of my accounts.

About me:  I'm a girl, first and foremost and no, I do not need a relationship to make myself happy.  I'm quite content with being JUST friends.  I'm an artist of many mediums ranging from writing, sculpting, painting, and doll making.  

Being an AP student apparently means that I have great potential-- whether or not I take advantage of it is up to me.  

My political views mean nothing in the real world so why should I state them now?  It's just another reason for people to call others douche bags because of their beliefs.

I won't tell you my favorite music or bands, because most likely someone will disagree with me which will lead to me calling you a douche bag, and if you tell me the music you like then I will probably disagree with you, which again will lead to some major douchebaggery, so let's just save ourselves some time and talk about glowball warning instead.

PS-- yes, I judge books by thier cover, and I judge people on how they speak.

I was quite proud of myself for writing such a piece that makes very little sense, and also happy that I'm actually updating the old versions of myself.  I know the people who read it are all going to be like, WTF? but oh well, it's my profile not theirs and if they want to rant on their profile about how much they hate libiralist-- good for them, I probably won't talk to them anyways.  If they want to say how much they love eating pie, and listening to death metal, all the power to them.  

Also, did I mention how one of my accounts I haven't updated in 2 years?  YEAH.  It still says "I love Jessi McCartney" all over the page. Also to everone out there in the gulf area-- Stay safe and try not to die!!

Photo Courtesy of unosukekawazu

Friday, September 12, 2008

Danger in the form of Hurricane.

Ok, so Hurrican Ike is going to come through my area of the woods, and I must admit that I'm a little bummed.

It's going to cancel my Debate Meet, which I've been looking forward to for a very long time.

Oh well, I just hope that everyone in the area is safe, and doesn't get killed by flying objects, flooding, or the dropping of trees.

Dude, I have a tree right next to my room.  If the Hurricane knocks it down I'm screwed.

Be safe everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yummy like candy

Must I reiterate how much I LOVE Gaspard? This was done as a spur of the moment type thing, and looks better when you full view it :] (just click the image)

As far as celebrity crushes go, Gaspard is definitely one of my top. Who's yours?


WARNING- if ur anti gay save yourself some time and don't read.

So I was speaking with this awesome guy. And when I say awesome, I mean AWESOME.  But alas, he was a homo, and when I say homo I mean it in the literal term, not the derrogatory "Dude that's so gay" way-- well I guess it could be used in that way too.....

I don't know.  I just feel really bothered by the fact that people (myself included) use the word 'gay' or 'homo' as a bad word.

I mean, If gay people went around saying "Jeesh did you see all those papers we have to file?!  That's so straight it's not even funny."  I would probably be a little bothered, but the truth is nobody does that so there's no reason to feel bothered by derrogetory sectual orientation phrases if you're straight.

For a long time I haven't really thought about what it meant for gay people and how far they've come to reach equality for normal human rights until now--

So from now on I'm going to try to use different words other than gay to describe my math homework.  It's not much, I know, but it's one step closer to being a good person. Only 5 jillion more steps to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I hate the word Criterion.

I never want to hear that loathed word outside of debate class ever again.  I had to bust my butt to find a descent one for my negative case.  

While I do hate the said word in my post title, I must admit, I love guys with piercings.  I don't know why, but I've always held a soft spot for boys with tattoos and piercings.  My favorites being eyebrow rings/bars and arm or neck tattoos.

Last night I started thinking about the cute guy from camp that looked like Ponyboy.  I can't help but hope that he'll be at camp next year.... yes I know pathetic.

Maybe the really pathetic thing is that there are actually some eligible guys at my school, but the only thing holding me back is that guy from camp.  I blame the movies.  They make things like meeting by chance so appealing that it makes people actaully look forward to something that could never happen.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Characters.

So yeah, this isn't really a post worth reading about, but Bekka wanted to see my RP characters, so I decided to post my signature picture for them.  Again, if you want to check out the RP click here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Easy?

So, right now I should be typing up my affirmative paper for debate, but I'm not.  Instead I'm blogging and RP-ing, which in my opinion is time well spent with a smile on my face.

I don't know why, but lately I've just felt that school has been too easy.  Everyone always says that high school isn't like TV where everyone just coasts through unscathed, but honestly nothing too bad has happened to me yet.  I've just been goofing around with my friends in class, somehow still managing to make an A.  Who knows, it may get harder later on in the year right?  I have pre AP classes so I wonder how easy it would be in a regular class?

Maybe this is a test?  To pick out the procrastinators from the do gooders?  I get all my homework done, but it's usually done the night before, with only hours to spare before my appointed lights out time.  Does it matter if I wait till the last minute to do school stuff?

If it does it hasn't affected me yet.  I wonder when it will?  I'm still waiting for the promised day when all of my bad habits will supposedly bite me in the butt, and according to my parents it hasn't happened yet.  Sometimes I can't help but feel like they can't wait till I fall flat on my face and fail just so they can run around going "I told you so!!"

Lately though, it's been me proving my parents wrong, but I don't go around rubbing their faces in it because frankly, I'd like to keep my Internet access.

So, how has your school year been?  And if you're not in school, were you busy in High School?

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I AM just a kid.

Ok, so today I went with my grandparents to their church and I was talking to this old person about beliefs.

I don't even know how old they were-- like 80?  Anyways after I told them all sortsa junk that I think is cool, like recycling, and going green they got all on my butt about how I know nothing and that I'm just a kid that needs to grow up and see the truth.

And you know what?  I agree with them.  I am just a kid.  I don't know what it was like to live in the Great Depression.  I screw up, I say stupid crap and I KNOW IT.  

You know what I do when I screw up?  I continue on living out the rest of my life, and try not to repeat my mistakes.

You know what I do when something stupid comes out of my mouth?  I acknowledge the fact that I said something ignorant and MOVE ON.

I'm sorry that I'm a spoiled kid that's growing up in a financially safe family.  I'm sorry for watching TV and expressing my simple minded opinions.  However, I'm not sorry for my underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, or the fact that I'm not old enough to vote.  Obviously the world would go to hell if kids my age in High School were allowed to vote.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Views, Your Views

So I've been wondering about people, and their political views.  I've got my own.  So I was wondering what are yours?

Here are mine--

  1. Pro Choice
  2. Pro Gay Marriage
  3. Anti War
  4. I'm in the "Independent" party, which I guess is another word for Liberal.
  5. Religion is something I think should be kept out of politics, but still in our country.
  6. I think we should worry about our own Economy before we meddle in other countries.
  7. Pro Immigrant Deportation.
  8. Anti Sanctuary city.

So, I'm not saying that my views are right and you're are wrong, I'm just saying that it's what I believe in.

Now I'm wondering what do you believe in? Don't be afraid to go into detail on why.

Another thing to Improve.

Change #2

Start saying Yes Ma'm and Yes Sir.  It may not be much, but it's a start.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Part of The Story.

Well, I know I mentioned the RP before, and like two days ago it started to pick up. Thought it'd be cool to give you guys a taste of what we do :] Also, Fizz is my character, and Franco is the person I'm Rp-ing with.

---A quiet day with the books.---


The air hung thick inside the ancient library as various people young and old passed through the shelves. 

Fizz smiled, as she directed a group of students to the government section of the building. They might have been passive to their surroundings, but she wasn't. Seeing the ancient books, leather bound with unspoken wisdom made her glad that she had signed up for this job, even if it paid little. 

"Here are the government issues dating from fifty years back, and if you need anything else...." It was obvious that the students weren't paying attention, and could care less so Fizz quietly detached herself from the group and headed towards the second floor. 

Nimbly, she made her way through cramped shelves, and books which were haphazardly piled here and there and picked a cozy spot beside a window onlooking the city street. 
Right now, all was quiet except for the quit shuffling of feet and the quiet noise from the street below. Nothing could be more perfect.


Sadly, that peaceful silence was about to be broken. 

"Excuse me," A soft voice nearly whispered from over Fizz's shoulder. 

A man an entire foot taller than Fizz stood only a few feet away, and closed the area between them by taking a few small steps forward. He was wearing a button-down shirt, blue tie, and matching blue suit. He had messy brown hair and couldn't have been more than twenty years old. The man pointed at the area near Fizz's feet and smiled. 

"Sorry, but I think I dropped my keys over here." Franco said softly again, making it quite obvious that he respected the silence of a library. 

That would be the absolute worst thing to happen- if he had truly lost his keys- he would be entirely unable to enter his own home in any way; the doorknob would actually try to bite his hand off without being unlocked first.


Fizz raised her eyebrows at the newly met stranger and carefully stood up and moved, trying to keep the books from falling from their tall stacks. Of course, seeing as she put extra effort into NOT knocking down the books on her left, she caused a particularly large stack on right to topple over resulting in many loud 'THUMP' noises as they hit the ground. 

"Ah, sorry about that!" Fizz whispered as she quickly tried to gather the various volumes of books on the floor. "I think I just made your keys even harder to find...." 

Smiling sheepishly, she set the books down on a nearby crowded table and stuck out her hand. 

"I'm Fizz, by the way." she spoke with a wide grin spread across her face.


"Don't be sorry, really, it's my fault," Franco said as he stooped down and tried to help the rather startled girl collect all of the books that had fallen during their initial encounter. She seemed much faster than him, and the added fact that she appeared well aware that it was her own job to clean up the mess implied that she was most likely employed by the library itself. 

The girl had apologized again about knocking the stack of books down and then commented on the fact that his keys were most likely stuck beneath a mound of dusty old books that he hadn't quite noted the subject of; as of quite yet. She was quite shorter than Franco, but still appeared to have an almost childish, or innocent air about her that made her age simply impossible to place correctly. 

When the subject of introduction came up, Franco was taken by surprise. The woman's hand had jutted out in his face and she abruptly gave her name to him. Extremely polite for such a short initial encounter. None the less, Franco stretched out his hand and shook Fizz's hand with mild enthusiasm. 

"The name's Franco." He said shortly, a curt smile on his face. "Nice to meet you. Sorry about the scare, didn't mean to startle you."


Fizz laughed, "No, it's no problem at all! I work here by the way--" she paused as if she lost her train of thought, but then regained her composure. 

"Those are some pretty rings you have!" she observed, noting their shine when the light hit them. Subconsciously she tugged at her shirt. 

"Oh. Wait! Your keys! We should probably find them, right?" she gave another sheepish laugh and tried to rummage through the many large books on the floor. Fizz noticed though, that the books that were in this section were mainly magic, and spell casting books. 'So he knows magic....' she thought to herself.


"I thought they would only hire angry old women who'd bite your head off for even thinking about whispering in a library." Franco tried to joke, which usually came much more difficult to him. 

He looked down at his rings as well as soon as they were brought up by Fizz. "Oh, these? Hand-me-downs that I'm a little sensitive toward." He lied, "Sometimes they're a little more trouble than they're worth. Always snagging on stuff, and such." 

Through one of the gaps in the pile of books, Franco saw a glint of light and reached in, only to pull a ring of keys out a few seconds later. The keys were like no normal set of car keys in the real world. Each one was at least five inches in length, varying between brass and several other different metals and every single one could have been well over two hundred years old. When he was done making sure that every key was there, Leslie dropped the keys into his pocket and smiled nervously. 

"Got 'em. Thanks."


"I thought they would only hire angry old women who'd bite your head off for even thinking about whispering in a library." Fizz heard Franco say. 

"Haha, no actually I'm quite close to the supervisor.... consider me the only Librarian under the age of 40." she joked back. 

Fizz was trying to balance a newly made stack when she saw Franco pull an odd ring of keys from the pile of books. Then again, you never know with people. 

"Got 'em. Thanks." she heard Franco say. 

Fizz turned and smiled, "Oh, good! Well, then..." she paused for a moment, "er, If you need anything else I'd be more than happy to help you! Well, actually not now though, because I think my shift just ended... so yeah!" Fizz rambled. Under her cloaking spell she felt her wings twitch uncomfortably. If she didn't get to Rileist soon she was going to have to deal with a pretty awkward situation.


And that was just part of the scene so far.... yes, I know I could have done better, but my skills are still sort of rusty.  If you'd like to take a look at the board, or wanna know more about the story, check out this link!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Because I can make and effort.


I will try to be nicer to people, mainly Celery.  Yes, Celery especially you.

Btw, everytime I think of something I want to change about myself I'll blog about it on here.... think of it as mini series--- that isn't annual, but comes when needed :]

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Sir With Love

First of all, to explain my post title I LOVE THAT MOVIE. My dad had the VHS of it when I was like 5, and being the curious little bugger that I naturally am, I slipped it in the VCR and watched it....... over and over and OVER until I new most of the characters' names and dialogue.... which probably wasn't too good to know for a five year old.

Of course I had no idea what they were talking about in the movie, but now that I watch it as an older individual I kind of know what they're talking about. Still, a classic movie.

Now on to the things of menial importance.

I joined art club today, and I have awesome people in there, minus one or two of the ho-s in there. But other than that it looks awesome because we might be going to Mid evil Times, and we might have a Halloween costume party--- which is AWESOME.

Btw, Celery I saw the t-shirt design Gonzo did and it looks so sweet! I wish I had one :[ (the pic is the design) 

ANYWAY I was wondering, oh beautiful blog friends and readers-- What clubs are you in/have been in?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Foot Collage

I finally finished it.  If you click the image, you'll see it in it's full blown pixley glory.