Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In which I apologize

So. Today I got compared to Margaret Thatcher. Keep in mind the fact that I live in Texas, and the guy that had just compared me to her is a Republican whose knowledge of the woman extends as far as movies and documentaries he's seen.

So. I don't quite know how I feel about that. I'm sure he meant it as a compliment, but whatever. He's a dick. Just kidding. He's just really hoity-toity.

ANYWAYS. Today I was in a FOUL mood and I released my anger in the form of sharp, yet witty remarks that made people laugh nervously whilst giving each other furtive glances. So to those who I might have offended with my uncensored comments: I apologize. I was having a less than extraordinary day.

And then I got home and saw this:
And my day ended up being ok. I'm going to relax a bit, do my math homework, watch some New Girl, and enjoy the wonderful bounty that the universe has laid before me.

p.s. Recently I've been very addicted to listening to Tom Jones (She's a Lady) as well as Curtis Mayfield (Move On Up) and I'm not embarrassed about it one bit.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This weekend.

Let me just preface this post by saying that I took a TON of pictures. And I was too lazy to edit any of them, let alone upload all of them. SO. If these pictures are not satisfactory I give anyone who is friends with me on FB full permission to creep on the album of pictures I have up.My friends and I had been planning on going to the Young the Giant/Grouplove concert since... Wow, I think last November at least... Anyways, we didn't realize at the time how busy this weekend was going to be. I mean, I had the concert, then the next morning I had an Academic meet, and then after that I had a student museum show to go to. Yeah. The concert was totally worth it though.
As I've mentioned before, my friends and I live approximately 2 hours away from Dallas, so we left school early in order to beat rush hour traffic and have time to relax and whatnot. My friend Kristen's dad was nice enough to volunteer to give us a ride, because apparently there was a shooting in Deep Ellum (where the venue was) three months ago. NBD.
Since we had a few hours to kill we road/walked around Highland Park, which is where all the rich people in Dallas live. Guys. These homes are not homes. They are castles. My friends and I took the opportunity to take pictures in their awesome park.

We got to the venue at 6:45ish and luckily we were one of the first groups in line.

From one of the windows you could just BARELY see them warm up, and since we got there early it was kind of like a pre-show for us. It was awesome.

Only my friend Kristen and actually listen to Grouplove, so we went insane when they played. Also, I get REALLY into concerts. I dance like a maniac, sing like I'm insane, and I'm pretty sure everyone thinks that I have issues. I just can't stand there like a rock, unaffected by the music.

Grouplove was too good beyond words.
Set list!
Sameer! Y U SO DAMN SEXY?!
Jacob is my favorite though. He had a fan blowing on him, and it made his shirt ripple ever so gracefully. Guys. I melted. Especially when he would look out into the crowd and smile. A few of those times, I'd like to imagine he was smiling at me and my sweet dance moves.

Also, WE WERE SO CLOSE TO THE STAGE. We were front and center. My friends Madelyne and Kristen were right next to the stage, with me and Rebekka behind them. It was glorious.

Halfway through, still ok!

For the finale they sang My Body. GUYS. SAMEER CROWD SURFED ON ME. I grabbed his butt. With both hands. And I squeezed. Below is a video my friend Q took. She was further back than we were, but in the video, you see those people that Sameer lands on first? YEAH THAT WAS ME AND MY FRIENDS.
Our souvenirs consisted of the set list we stole, and SAMEER'S WATER which we drank/bathed ourselves in. I also bought a limited edition YTG print.
And then I had to wake up bright and early, shower, and then arrive at my school at 7 am to go compete in Spelling, Headline Writing, and Editorial Writing. We had to follow the Math/Science van, instead of the bus, which left at 7:30 :/ The picture above is typical East Texas hi-way.
My friend Kenneth stared at me intensely. It was intense. Also, I somehow managed to place first in Headline Writing, meaning that I advance on to regional competition! :D
Then after my last event Rebekka and I booked it to her house, got dressed, then headed to Olive Garden to meet up with our friends before the museum show. Can you tell that I had 2 cups of coffee and an energy drink? Because I'm pretty sure my eye was twitching the majority of the day after that.
And then at the museum I found out that I placed 2nd! The picture doesn't really do my painting justice, but I was too tired to remember to take a better one.

How was your weekend?