Sunday, November 9, 2008


FRIEND:  So, how's your blog doing?

Me:   Great.  I mean, I've made new friends and got a new insight into different aspects of life.

FRIEND:  So, are you going to blog about me?

Me:  Sure.  Why not?  I mean you forced me to watch this stupid Stephen King movie----

FRIEND:  Children of the Corn is not a stupid movie.  If anything is stupid, it's that movie that you're always making references to.  Donnie Dorko?

Me:  Donnie Darko.  And it's a phenomenal movie.  You wanna know what's really stupid?

FRIEND:  What?

Me:  The fact that you won't acknowledge that you and Anderson Cooper have the same nose.

FRIEND:  Oh god.


  1. I LOVE DONNIE DARKO!!...and children of the corn is rediculesly lame and ok theres my input

  2. i side with you; Donnie Darko is amazing! there was a Frank on Halloween and it was just a little bit creepy. have you been to the website? it's a way to kill some time.

  3. >.< they took down their website like 2 months ago! Nooooo! it was so fun.