Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Tab Day

So today I got to school, and I here this shocking piece of news.

I had a TAB meeting today (teen advisory board).  And I was just like "DUDE. WTF? I didn't get the email?!"

So I had to ask my parents last minute if they could give me a ride to the Library, and they were pretty cool about it, because my uncle Mike was in town, and he's all special and stuff because he just found out last Thursday that he passed the Bar Exam, which means he's now an Official Attorney.  Wooo!

Hehehe, today I held a protest  in the sake of Jacob, because we were having all our clubs and activities pictures and Jacob of course wasn't there so I was like, "If he isn't going to be in the Debate picture, then neither am I." jk, jk not really, I didn't show up because I was talking to Celery, and at the time the coversation was more interesting than the picture, but if anyone asks, that's my cover story.

And that was that.  Bleh I need to dismantle a Barbie Doll for an art project!  Fun Fun!

Photo Courtesy of =DianaCretu


  1. Dismantled Barbie Dolls. Sounds like the name of a band. I love protesting things, it makes me feel powerful.

  2. that art project sounds interesting, in a word. congrats for your uncle!

  3. Hmm, dismantling Barbies used to be one of my favorite activities. Congradulations to your uncle, that's really an accomplishment!