Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kiss Me Kate

Last night I went to the musical Kiss Me Kate, which was presented by my school's theatre group.  Normally I don't go to functions like this, but I went in support of my friend Kenneth, who is a good actor.

I almost died when I realised that I would most likely be sitting by myself, but luckily I bumped into Celery's girlfriend Hannah, who indeed is a life saver.  I didn't get much of the play other than the fact that there was much singing, dancing, and scandal.

Two guys from my AP art class were in it, and I'm pretty sure they'll end up being Famous, or better yet Infamous. (ahem, Dylan Bailey and Ryan Gillum)

However, I don't think I'll be attending another event like that anytime soon due to the fact that I feel so weird being surrounded by rich caucasian folks.

Seriously, I don't think I saw anyone who wasn't white.  It made me feel weird inside, even though I'm half white, my skin is predominantly tan.  Not to mention I only had 1 friend to sit by.  I did however find out that some of my friends were backstage people.

I also met a fellow member of the Debate team.  Whoo socializing!

Eh.  Kenneth, you owe me big time for actually showing up.


  1. Awkward situations are the worst. Society sucks sometimes...

    Maybe next times invite someone! =)

  2. socializing under awkward conditions is exhausting! i am poor and non-Caucasian, so i never fit in and feel comfortable at a lot of places around here. i'm still awesome, though.

  3. I saw that musical via film and I found it rather odd. I remember lots of tights, feathers, and dancing. I just made it sound like porn.