Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Doodles

Right now, after being hit by a double whammy of bad news, I don't know what to do. I'm not ready to talk, or even think about what is going on around me. It's like I was in this cool fish bowl, that had problems but worked, and then all of a sudden, without warning or heads up I just get dumped into a large dirty aquarium in the back of Petco.

Ok, maybe that's a little hard to catch, but you get what I'm saying right? The goldfish (me) is still shocked, and may or may not go crazy from the big change.

So, in order to avoid talking without using fish allegories I'm just going to post all of the random doodles I did today when I should have been talking to family.The traditional napkin doodle! Of course it was done at the dinner table, when I should have been eating my second helping of pie.Naked baby! My grandma keeps a pad of this free hospital paper they give you as a parting gift when you leave the hospital all around the house. I drew this when I should have been helping clean up. Oops.Inspired by all the studying for AcaDec I've been doing, I drew a picture of Jean Jacques Rousseau. I probably should have drawn it in pencil so my shading would be nicer, but I only had my pen on me at the time. Too bad in my doodle I made him look like a caricature.... I swear, his forehead is usually not this large.If you can guess the artist I spoofed I'll send you a package of oreos. I thought it would be funny if I placed one of my filipino family members in French Revolution getup. I think all of my studying has given me French Revolution fever.

In which my girth will increase tenfold

I am so thankful for my blogger friends who have broadened my horizons and have allowed me to view a bias other than my own.

You, my dear friends, all deserve a float for Macy's parade.

Monday, November 23, 2009


So, earlier I was flipping through the channels, searching for my staple TV shows that I can watch 24/7 no matter what, and I thought, hmmm let's see...

America's Next Top Model
Top Chef
Design Star
Ace of Cakes
-Pretty much anything on Bravo/Oxygen or the Food Network

And I thought some more. Am I overlooking the culinary arts and the fashion world?

For so long I've been thinking, "POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, ECONOMICS!!"

That I've overlooked the arts. And the more that I think about it, do I really want to surround myself with the three main things that cause early wrinkling? I don't know. I'm going to do more thinking.

And watch some ANTM. My golly that show is.... like crack.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Field Notes

Am glad for this week off, this time to collect myself.

Because quite honestly I don't think I'm fit for society right now. Things are so weird, and taking a breather and surrounding myself with comfort foods seems right.

Instead of babbling and talk of boring things I'm going to surround myself with Simon and Garfunkel, Andrew Bird, and other people of the soft folky healing persuasion.

Friday, November 20, 2009

dark and twisty

It's not easy being all happy happy sunshine.

As a teenager I am prone to depression. Not to mention I'm a female.

It just sucks that everyone is so judgmental of the dark and twisty types.

It's a good think I have Thanksgiving break, aka, a whole week to work out my dark inadequacies.

Did I mention how much I want to just leave? No? Well I do. Just for a day. Maybe even be like that guy who slept for a really long time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

give me yo money


I hate how the holidays steal your money. I want to buy really cool stuff for my friends coming home from college, but all I've managed to scrape up is like, sixty bucks.

Poop. If only I had a job.

Why is it that we are not necessarily forced, but obligated to spend so much during the holidays? I mean, your pockets are empty, yet somehow you've managed to gain 20 pounds. It's quite a conundrum.

I've tried applying to a few places, but all the jobs I've looked at need part-timers after school and put you at the bottom of the priority list if you're not an adult. poop.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Without time

Thanksgiving Holiday could not come any sooner if you ask me. In fact I wouldn't mind if it came a whole week sooner.

I could use that time to catch up on some much needed studying, or better yet, SLEEP. A random kid in one of my elective classes counted me yawn 15 times in one class period.

Now besides the fact that him counting my yawns was disturbing, I also find the fact that I yawned that much a serious sign that I need to catch some Z's.

With thanksgiving break approaching I also face Christmas, and a buttload of friends who will be home for the holidays, and expecting gifts and snacks. Oh joy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something something something

Oh man.

Oh man.

I'm up in activities for a while. Hopefully Metcalf, my one true ginger friend will bring me my wondrous trophy tomorrow so I can add it to my collection of great awesomeness.

I'm letting him bring it during debate so he can rub it in my coach's face. Mwhahahahahaa...!

And this picture was a portion of the decoration we had on our debate wall. Oh the good times. Look, you can see my hand!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forever beating my head up against a wall

"Do you like me being around?"

"It doesn't matter, it's up to you if you want to hang out with me."

"No, do you want me around?"

"I enjoy your company..."

"Okay then."


Monday, November 2, 2009


Between all the piles of AcaDec work I have, and the other mountains of work and projects I have to do for classes I have managed to wade through and find my way to my blog.

Since my dad has gotten his new office space we've been moving stuff around the house, trying to make things less cramped. There are TONS of houses on the market in my city, however not so many in my school district.

Plus, since my school district is so "great" the housing prices are super jacked up.

Anyways, my life is a big ball of BUSY marked with a giant B. Not to mention all the stress of having to put up with JGraves and his quasi BS. I just found out moments ago that he straight up lied to me when I asked him if there was a tournament or not this weekend.

He told me it was canceled, but guess what? I have friends on the inside who told me that there is indeed a tournament this weekend, however since no one told me previously, it might be too late for me to sign up.

GREAT. My coach is so great /end sarcasm.