Monday, November 17, 2008

Woo College!

So today I got my first college catalog!  I'm so excited that  it came through so quickly!  It came from Savannah College of Art and Design, which is located in Georgia.

Tons of prestigious people have studied there, including designers for Cartoon Network, ESPN, DC Comics, Pixar, and Dreamworks Studio to name a few!

It's always great to start looking into college as soon as possible, and I think this college will definitely be in my top ten.

Next to, of course Princeton and UT, and maybe the Art Institute of Dallas.  It just depends on which direction my high school career goes in: art, or debate.  Who knows?

Anyways, the sooner I start looking into colleges, the sooner I can find out scholarship info, which of course is also much needed because my family is not made of money, and I've got three other siblings.

Man my family is big!  Oh well, just another reason to strive for a scholarship!


  1. Yeah, it IS good to start looking into college early, and it's good that you have at least some idea of what you want to do. But to me, college seems way scary.

  2. exciting!!! i loved getting those things in the mail. at least you're not all nervous and antsy-anxious like i was. it's glad to know that other people consider scholarships practical. my parents aren't the only ones who aren't made of money!

  3. That Savannah one must be a pretty good art school, all the artist I know wanna go or are already going there (I live in the south, so I'm geusssing it's one of the best here?). I hope you get a scholorship! God grades and community service, that's what you've got to concentrate on! Or at least that's what people tell me. I dunno.

    Hope you get the college of your choice!! When are you going on a tour of the colleges? (ROAD TRIIIIP!)