Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where has the time gone?

So this weekend all I did was clean the house and re-do my blog layout.  Both of which were quite strenuous.

I just finished my room, which now looks like it has never been lived in, which in turn translates that it looks like Bekka's room, except with two beds and more bookshelves and tech--- oh yeah, and wall decorations.  Seriously Bekka, you need some wall flair.

Anyways, I know that it'll probably take me a while to fix this blog and get it looking EXACTLY how I want it, but it'll get done soon.

Right now I'm eating my dinner, which is some hashbrown cassarole leftover from Thanksgiving.  The sad thing is, it tastes just as good as it did on Thanksgiving.

UGH.  I really don't want to go to school, but I guess I have to sooner or later.  I forgot what all homework that was due..... too late to do it anyways.

Oh yeah, for those who know me personally and read this blog, you'll probably be getting some handmade sculptures or ornaments this Christmas.  I've been messing around with clay lately and I wanted to make something really special for everyone.

Hehe, and as a special gift for all my Republican friends (which is like what? all 2848467293 of you guys?), you'll  all be getting either Probama, Palin = MILF, or Liberals are Fun ornaments.  Hope you guys enjoy them.


  1. Well SHEESH! I happen to like my room the way it is Lizzi :p
    And, I recently removed most of what was on my walls the last time you came over. So it's bare except a drawing you did for me, and a tree I did in 6th grade. :)
    Hey, is your baby brother alright? I saw your Twitter update and now I'm worried...
    I'll cherish my little Pro-Liberal ornament very much :)

  2. the layout is SO pretty and bright! i'm still eating delicious leftovers, too. damn. it.

  3. Haha, that's such an awesome idea for gifts.

  4. The layout is very...fresh. I love it!