Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picture me Debating

Ok, So I finally figured it was ok to post some pictures up of my debate team because in the end no one really cares if their face is plastered on the Internet or not. Heck, there are videos of most of my team members on Facebook and Youtube acting like complete monkeys. So without further ado, some pictures!
Rachel (purple) James (burgundy) Jacob (green) and Sarah.

(starting from the girl in gray, the back row.) Mary, James, Sarah, Rachel, Keenan, Jack, Me, Miranda, and Jacob in center.
That picture was at my second tournament of the season. hehe of course I'm hiding behind Jack just to make our Coach angry. Also, isn't Miranda's hair long?

Nathan, Jack, Miranda, Craig, Me making a monkey face, Jacob making a kissy Face, Austin, Josh, Mary, Colby in front.
Hehe this was at last Weekend's tournament. We had so much fun there!

Wooo! We placed! Haha I was in the middle of laughing when our Coach took the picture, so my face is all in mid-laugh.
Ehehhh, yeah I started kicking him and everyone decided to join in. Money fell out of his butt. Butt money!!!!


  1. Seems like an interesting bunch... (:

  2. y'all have a bunch of chemistry together [and energy]! what a professional-looking bunch of people making faces at the camera. congrats on placing!