Saturday, November 22, 2008


You can see a clearer view of my debate record if you click on the image, but mainly I wanted to post this as a... timecapsule sort of thing for my future self.

Hehe mainly to see what a n00b I am right now.

Hopefully in the upcoming year I'll have gotten considerably better.

Also, I've been looking through my old blogs on Myspace. WOW. They are very interesting. Hehehe I have some really funny crap up there. It's amazing looking at old entries to see how much I've changed as a blogger, and first and foremost, person! To think, I've been blogging since the 6th grade!

Crazy right?


  1. Hm, not sure exactly what all that means, but I do see you have wins so congrats on that! I was never any good at debates.

  2. look at that victory! yay for progress. i'm sure you can get even better. looking at old blogs is a crazy experience. i dug around in my old livejournals from when i was in high school and even younger. my goth phase when i'd wear all black and fishnets to school and listen to AFI religiously makes me smile. comparing your past and future selves and examining the progress is VERY interesting [and funny, in my case].