Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comic Art of Note

So I decided it was time I did a post on all of my favorite web comics, and maybe try and get the word out on these excellent artists and writers. Check them out if you dare. I bet I've got a comic on here for everyone :P

If you're looking for nonstop, hardcore, realistic action Op. Wound comics are for you. Here you can find the ever popular Rex by Danijel Zezelj and Memento Mori by Richard Serrao, and many other kick @ss comics. They have a distinctive realistic black and white style that makes them stand out among other web comics, and now they've even extended themselves toward the comic stand. Rated M for a lot of yummy violence and butt kicking.

This anime style four paneled comic is definitely one to keep you on your toes. Not only are all of the pages in color, it has an excellent story to boot! Set in post apocalyptic flooded England, 12 gang members that hold special bond have set themselves up a pretty decent life when a girl from Manchester shows up accusing one of their members of murder. There's a lot more to the plotline, but I'm afraid if I continue typing I'll give the whole story away. Rated M for language and implications.

A kind of scary, but very interesting comic. It's still too early on in the series to tell where it's going, but the story sure is interesting to me so far. I found this artist through Deviant Art, and his artwork looks as if he pulled it straight out of a nightmare. Rated Older Teen for gore.

Ode to the Night
Another anime/realistic styled comic. It's set in a dark world of vampires and their slayers. Can't say much about it....OTHER THAN THE FACT IT'S AWESOME. They put a lot more detail into characters instead of backgrounds. Rated T for dark themes.

This comic is a bit of a mystery to me. It's your classic story of growing up, and apart from your best friend. A kind of "finding yourself" type of story. Rated PG so far.

Boys Love Library
A shonen-ai site that has a few short little comics. Dunno what to rate it right now, but it's very cute :]

Friday, May 30, 2008

I depend on horoscopes

Yeah, it's true. I read my horoscope daily.

Weird right? haha well today my horoscope advised me to make one of my friends smile, and I got the ever apathetic L to smile! Woo! Yay me!

Also, today is the official last day of school! It kinda sucked, but it was fun at the same time. I spent most of second period brushing Celery's hair. Haha his hair is so fun to mess with. It's so cute and curly that you just wanna go "Awwww..." whenever you see it.

Er yeah.

Right now I'm working on some graphics for the blog, so keep your eyes open and wide for some changes!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Painting for a cause

Ok, I admit that I'm a horribly forgetful friend.

I just now realized that Lolo, my friend of three years, has her birthday on June 1st which means I have only a couple of days to get her a present. GAWD I'm an idiot.

Right now I'm working on a painting of her that's in a popart style. It's kinda like Andy Warhol stuff 'cept in my own style of doing things.

I really hope I can get it done in time.... errr yeah.

ALSO, remember my digital art called 'Spread It' that I featured a while back? Yeah, well it's been favorited more that any of my other artwork!!!

Wooo!! I love deviant art! It makes me feel happy that people enjoy my work!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pencil Love

I don't know why, but for some odd reason I've been compelled to write really really short posts.

However, to make up for the lack of words while typing I've been doing a lot of writing with my pencil. The weird part is, I can never seem to transfer those words to the computer.

I don't know, it's just really weird. Maybe this is a sign that I should start drawing again.... I dunno. I've been working with a lot of paint and ink lately.... come to think of it I haven't made a pencil drawing for ages....

Ah, well I'll draw something tomorrow. Maybe then I can get myself out of this short post funk, ya know?

BTW, Like my new piece of digital art? For more info on it click here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When I grow up I want diabetes

Is it really that pathetic and sad that most of the Filipino population is diabetic?


I've now sworn off any fried Filipino food. Also same goes for American food..... I wonder what Canadians eat....or Koreans....hmmm I'll have to ask my local Texan Korean, Moses. XP

Jk, Jk, I'll just ask L!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lovely Laundry of the dirty kind

Ok, so memorial day was ok.

Played some stellar DDR at the mall.

Hung out with Taylor and Kenne and Elizabeth and Jennilee.

SPENT SIX DOLLARS ON DDR AND GOT SO SWEATY IT WAS EMBARRASSING. Gawd, if you saw me after 12 rounds of DDR you'd think that I'd been hit by a hurricane I was that wet.

YES it's true. I sweat like a whale. Why do you think I try to keep out of physical activities? Hey, at least I don't have overly sweaty yeah.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

For the day I was out.

[Pixel Art]
Ok, as for updating, I promise B, I'll never mention your full name....EVER.

Are we good now? Good.

Anyways, This weekend I spent my days at Bekka's house which was an overly weird experience. Her whole house looked as if it belonged inside a Better Southern Homes issue of a magazine.

It was so weird. Her whole house felt as if it had never been lived in before. XP

Ah, but other than that it was pretty good. As for activities we went to the mall where we hung out with Hang, Eliz, and Taylor. We also ran into Asstin, and I met this guy named David who asked me if I worked at Shoguns. LMAO meeting new people is fun.

Sorry if I didn't infuse it(the whole mall experience) with as much details but I feel weird about writing right now.

If I was older I would use my old powers for good. Say driving my kid sister around and getting a job. Yeah. Something along the lines of that. it's just kinda scary to think that older you get the less time you have on earth.

So yeah, I'm going to go spend the rest of my memorial day weekend having fun and tanning. Talk to me on deviant art.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Why oh why?

Sites this this make me laugh. It's like people have no life or something! CLICK TO ENLARGE

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Because sometimes I like Chlorine

Well today was slightly eventful. At school we had our UIL pool party which was ok, but I didn't really like half the people there.

ABSOLUTELY NO SKATERS OMG! I'm serious. I don't think anyone of my skater friends were there..... that's sad. I was probably the only person there who listened to Dimmu Borger or Pantera.

Oh well, that tends to happen a lot. A LOT.

Also, I've decided to get a boob reduction as soon as possible. I really dislike it when guys stare at my chest openly without trying to hide it. It's totally not cool. I didn't ask to be cursed with a C cup, it just kind of happened, and I really don't like being stared at.

Afterwards I had to go to 8th period smelling like chlorine, and one of the peoples was acting awkward around yeah.

To top it all off I had to go to a TAB meeting. It was pretty informative, we received information for out murder mystery party. It's vampire themed. WE ALSO GOT A NEW GIRL.

Not to be mean about her, but my first judgment of her was anime nerd, and guess what? I WAS RIGHT. She's got braces, frizzy hair, glasses and a lisp. No offense, but she fits every category of nerd.

Now I feel horrible about saying that, but hey, this is an honest blog. On the bright side, she seems like a cool person to hang around with. Yeah..... prolly not to go to raves or dances with though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello, I'm from Texas

Today I fell asleep in class and had a dream.

A dream I would not dare tell to anyone in person lest they laugh and call me ridiculous.

What, pray tell, you ask could be so ridiculous? How about the fact that I dreamt about a fictitious character? Well, ok the way I just described it would make it seem less harsh than what it actually was... Let me elaborate in story style..... first person point of view yo!!


I was walking, well more like stumbling along the forest trail trying to find one hint of ground that wasn't completely covered in vines and roots. Even though I knew my search for cold concrete ground was futile I trudged on even deeper into the forest, searching for.... well I don't completely know....

After a while I started to feel chilly, which to me was very odd because it was exceptionally sunny outside. However, I didn't really care. I just shrugged my shoulders and continued walking, occasionally I would pause to rip a random vine that had tried to trip me out of the earth.

Sometimes, I would peer over my shoulder just to make sure nothing was following me. I wasn't stupid, I've seen scary movies where random people get lost in the woods and end up getting killed and eaten by random cannibals. Randomness attracts randomness.

Too bad I wasn't paying attention to where I was going because while I had my head turned I tripped over one of the accursed vines that had preciously tried to kill me. I fell, and tumbled, and rolled HARD, and when I finally tried to stand up I fell right back down. I mumbled a few curse words under my breath and grabbed my leg, which seemed to have gone dead on me.

I touched my nose, feeling something wet and cursed again seeing that it was red. "Oh cwap. It fweels bwoken." I mumbled as I tried to stop the gushing waterfall of blood spurting out of my nose. "Ugh I swound like a twotal looswer..." I trailed off under my breath.

Totally lost in my own world, I jumped when something tapped my shoulder. I turned around and almost screamed. Right in front of me was Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Mister.Freaking.Darcy. OH MI GAWD.

I almost hyperventilated on the spot when his hand reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. I held my breath as he handed me the cloth, not hesitating in the least bit to take it.

"Are you ok?" He asked as I mopped up the blood on my face.

" well..."

He raised a quizzical eyebrow. Arg... I hate it when people do that.

"Er yeah? I mwean, uh.." I trailed off again. He nodded and extended a gentlemanly hand to help me up, but once he got me standing I fell down again with an "Oof!"

"Cwap! I cwan't feel my weg...." I groaned.

Mr. Darcy only shrugged and lifted me again, this time placing one of my arms over his shoulder so I could lean on him. Mmmhhhmmm he smelled like yummy.

It felt like forever until he finally spoke again but when he did he asked me what type of clothes I was wearing. At first I was going to say 'Uh dur a shirt and jeans, whaddya think a moleskin?' but I caught myself remembering that he came from a different time period.

"Er dis is what all da pweople in Twexas wear."

It looked like he was about to ask something, but right at that moment the bell rang. I groggily opened my eyes and looked around in disappointment.

Oh how I despise reality.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home fried CCD chips

Oh baby, am I screwed or what!

As it turns out the warranty on my mom's camcorder has run out right before it started screwing up. At first I thought it was just a minor problem, but then I started looking through the net finding people with my exact problem.

As it turns out the source of their grief is a fried CCD chip which is costly to replace. It was as if Satan was saying, "This is what you get for comparing me to your younger sister, so HA! In yo face biotch!" and then he starts to dance around with a handful of CCD chips singing London Bridges.

Arg. Damn you Satan, you insufferable brat. I now in turn bow my head to Jesus hoping that he might magically repair my CCD chip overnight.

Ah, maybe Hannah might be able to fix it.... who knows?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Because I feel accomplished

Ok, so I've been checking over my stats today and currently I have 47.70 daily hits and 22 so far today.

I don't know whether to feel overjoyed by the fact that I've gotten that many hits or a little weirded out that people actually read my blog.....haha oh well.

I guess I should formally thank all of my readers. I really hope you find my blog interesting, I try to infuse it with many different things. Also, I've been doing little things and making stuff for this blog to make it super awesome, and I'm almost done.

Ahhh I can't wait.

Ooohhh L got contacts! Personally, I think he looks kinda weird, but whatever. He still doesn't talk much, but he talks more than he used too. OMG Celery straightened his hair!! He looked so weird, but hey I guess everyones in the mood for change.

Alas, I forgot to do my laundry so I must rush off and do it now before I run out of clothes to wear. BTW new readers, I'm usually not this boring, it's just today I'm a slight bit under the weather, and by that I mean it's that time of the month. BLEH. and stop being so grossed out.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Piece of the Puzzle

Ok, so I'm more confused.

Yesterday me and my friend (who asked for his name not to be released) B were talking. Just regular catch up talk that you usually go over when you haven't seen someone for a while when he's all like "So how's you're social experiment doing?"

At first I was like "WTF are you talking about?" but then I realized he was talking about L. Then I remembered friday night when I went to the Pop show recital. Man was I confused.

Over the past couple of days Nichole and I have been goofing around and slowly trying to piece together the weird and mysterious puzzle also known as L.

I thought that maybe I might be able to catch a clue about him when we took the right/left brain test, but when we counted up the results he broke even. How indecisive can someone be?

However, I think I might have attained an insightful little clue. I think he might be a stage person. Ya know, someone who might be totally cool while preforming say like a skit or song, but once you see them in person they're totally different......but then again that's just a theory.

A very far fetched one at that. Oh well.

It's better than the test tube theory......yeah?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Floundering Fish

Ohhhhhh yeah. Today was excellent.

My dad's friend Randy took us out on his boat with his friend Larry and we went fishing out on Lake Of the Pines.

Overall we caught 13 fishes, and I caught a bass, but it was too small to keep.... oh well.

It's too bad I don't like fish because my family's going to be eating it for a while. Ah, well I'll just eat some frozen pizzas or taquitos or something.

By the way, I seemed to have attained a killer tan line....again. I am officially three shades of tan and white.

Ok, I'm going to apologize in advance if there is going to be any lack of posts due to the fact that I'm going to be super busy fishing on a boat and whatnot for the majority of the day.

However, just because I haven't updated on yesterday yet doesn't mean I don't plan to.

I'll post more once I get home k?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thought Provoking Words

Today I was kinda pissed when I got home because I was thinking of all my friends and how hypocritical we all seem. Half my friends have all the latest phones and iPods and computers, but I say nothing to them.

Not many people know, but those are some of the few things I am against in this society. We don't need all this excess crap in our lives. We don't need a $50 dollar shirt, or $200 dollar phones that we're just gonna chunk out in the next five months. T

here are friggin starving kinds out on OUR streets while all the middle and upper class stuff themselves with food and surround themselves with unnecessary luxuries.

You don't need to get your nails done every week! Can you believe that? You could do them yourself at home! Isn't that a surprising concept?

You don't need 50 pairs of pants! There are underprivileged kids with only rags to wear on a daily basis. Donate your clothes!

Don't burn trees, it releases CO2 into the atmosphere. RECYCLE DAMMIT. For more thought provoking things of our generation check out these sites and blogs.

- Wolfbercrosbred
- Concurso
- Briefly Put
- Fuelmeister
- The Veggie Van
- Solar Living
- Stop Global Warming

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tonight of all nights

Tonight was the end of GYM for the season. I really wish they would keep the place open during the summer, but I guess I understand because it costs money to keep the place open all the time.

Anyways a bunch of first timers came and it overjoyed me to see them there.

There was a confession time where some of the GYM helpers shared some of their life stories, and a guy I knew got onstage and shared about how he used to not be a good kid and how he smoked and drinked and then God came into his life and woke him up. I honestly didn't think all that had affected him that much. I used to see him as a one dimensional person, but now I view him in a different light.

I also was overjoyed when they gave out Pierre Moranza's email. He's a phenomenal speaker who will change your perspective and life.

Looking forward to the future

So I've been thinking.

Thinking of great things for this humble little blog.... maybe something that might require a team of technical magicians.

I've been wanting to increase blog visitation and overall views when a thought came to me. Before I start trying to wrangle in some views I should start to organize and improve this blog.

So yes, for the next few weeks (maybe months) I am going to try to improve my blog for the better viewing public.

My to do list consists of:

-Making a new page
-Making a code for a one column layout
-designing new headers
-obtaining a site counter
-finding a well knowledge coder
-getting in touch with local undrground musicians
-making more Pory(c) & Leopold(c) cartoons.

So yes, don't be scared if you come to this blog and see some hideous header with a four eyed monster on it. I'm just experimenting and improving.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sometimes I feel happy

Ok, so yesterday I was messing around with the computer when my little sister is like, "Draw me a picture on the computer Lizzi!" and being the awesomely great big sister I am, I made up some characters named Pory(c) and Leopold(c).

So I posted them on Deviant Art and within the next days I had four favourites on them! So, seeing the general public likes Pory(c) and Leopold(c) more than I thought they would I'm going to start making little cartoons and wallpapers consisting of them.

To view the
Pory(c) wallpaper click here.

To view the Leopold(c) wallpaper click here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Desktop screenshot

I made another wallpaper which you can find on my Deviant Art account.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm a Cyborg but thats OK

Remember that Korean movie with Rain in it that I was talking about? Yeah, well here is it's trailer. It's an adorable little romantic comedy. You have to check it out :] Also Here are some clips of rain singing..... ahhhhh he's so pretty <3

And here's Rain talking in English :]


Happy Mothers day Mama. Even though we argue and don't agree on things you're still my mama and I still love you. You raised me when I was little and taught me the basic foundation of values that I have.

I'm sorry I'm not the daughter you pictured, but there's not much I can do about that.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speed Racer

Oh Mi Gawd.

I love Speed Racer. It is probably one of the best digitally enhanced movies of our generation. At first, before I went to see it today I thought it would be some cheesy second rate production, but no siree! It was a plethora of bright colors, fast paced action, and yummmy delicious Emile Hirsch!

I was a bit antsy about the whole overall plotline but it ended up to where you were to entraced with the excellent graphics to even care. Even so, the movie kept me fully captivated for ever second. It was so fast and always changing that you HAD to pay attention because if you didn't you'd miss out on some phenomenal details.

Speed Racer was a great movie for both the connoisseur and the young.

No matter what, Speed Racer will always keep me in awe of it's digitally enhanced wonder.

Now, let's get to business and talk about the actors. Of course Emile Hirsch was perfect to play the part of Speed! I mean look at those eyes!

And Don't forget Taejo Togokhan! He's played by the very lovely Rain, also known as Jung Ji Hoon, Ji Hun, or Jung Ji Hun. Phew that's a lot of names! I was surprised to see him in the movie because I generally only thought of him as a musician..... Either way he's probably one of the hottest Korean celebrities out there! Wait a second... I just remembered! He was in the movie, I'm a Cyborg but that's OK..... That was a sweet movie....

Anyways, before I get carried away by the overall hottness of Emile and Rain I'm going to go ahead and stop while I still can and announce IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SPEED RACER YET GO OUT AND WATCH IT. It's so totally worth it.

The Middle Girl

It's true and you know it. I'm the middle girl. The one whose either the center of attention, or to the far left on the side behind the girl you spend your weekends with.

I'm never fully there, or at least that's how I feel at times. Maybe it's just one of those girl things... who knows?

All I know is, without the few girls who stand off to the side with me I would be socially dead.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hickory Smoked love

Sometimes I talk a lot, but only because I'm rambling to keep myself from thinking horribly unforgivable thoughts. Yeah. That's basically why I ramble so much. Nothing deep rooted, just something stupid.

That's why I have this blog. So if my friends choose to hear me rant or ramble on pointlessly they can come here.

I love blogging. It's like therapy. I do it to vent. I do it to keep myself from going insane, and driving others insane. Haha even though I already probably do. Ah, well this was a preplanned post just in case I wasn't able to post over the weekend.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New look and feel

So, how do you like the new three column layout?

I'm really diggin the header personally.

Don't worry there is more to come.

Improvements make me feel joyous, however they take away from the zeal and overall freshness of my posts.

No worries, I'll be back and fully blogging soon.... after I watch Grey's Anatomy. Yes, I'm one of those fanatics who thinks that Meredeth and McDreamy belong together.

Surprising coming from the weird girl who sits and reads or draws a lot in the back of the classroom huh? Or maybe it's the spazzy side of me, I've got no clue. It's just that every time I mention that I watch Grey's religiously people are always shocked.

Oh well they can get over themselves.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sorry for the overall grossness of this layout, I'm trying to fix up my blog so it'll look all cool and dandy.

I swear this isn't the actual thing, just beware it's under constrution pleeeaaassseee!

Mr. Matoe

AH, poor poor little Mr. Matoe.

I honestly didn't mean for him to die, it just happened. He was a great little tomatoe, believe me, he was. It was just his time.

Sorry, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Seriously Bekka. Sorry, sometimes I get out of hand. Well I get out of hand a lot.

Just think, he's probably been reincarnated as a dandelion.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The most indecisive person

Ever. On the face of the planet. Who, you ask?

Well if you must know it's a bookish quiet kid by the name of Alex Ball, or also known as Lib, or L.

For the past couple of days in art class we've been working on a personal collage and I've almost completed mine, but I still want to add things.

Anyways, we've spent two days collection things from various magazines and stuff, but Alex couldn't seem to find one thing.

I've always thought him to be a solitary person.....ya know the kind that just sits there, and is basically just a brain without stimulus.

But honestly! It's like he has no interests at all!
I know for a fact that he likes soccer, and he's really smart, but he has no favorite food, drinks, music, etc.

Believe me, I've asked, bugged, pestered to the end of oblivion, but still I cannot for the life of me figure this guy out! GYAH. It's so frustraiting at times that I just want to say, "To hell with this guy, he can go be a loner for all I care."

But then again, that's what makes this whole thing fun. Trying to figure out the
blank book. I will figure out who you are L. Even if I have to force you to figure that out for yourself. I will find out. Mark my words......

MWHAHAHAHAHAHA....... hehe yeah. Sorry about that. Haha since he couldn't find anything for himself i wen through all the magazines cutting things out for him that I thought he might like. Even if he doesn't like them it's not like he has a whole lot to work with....

My plan is to cut out so many ridiculous things that he'll finally pick something for himself to cut out. I'm pretty sure he won't want to put a Coca Cola Santa on his collage. Who knows? My plan may yet work if I keep at it.

Like I said, trying to figure this guy out is the most fun I've ever had in a while. He's so weird and mysterious.... either that or he's really just that boring of a person. Who knows?

Haha. Wow. I wonder what he'll be like next year? Hmmmmm...... Super Ryuuzaki!! Whoosh! Ah! Maybe he'll be like Lawliet (from
DeathNote) and be a super cool, yet quirky international detective! Oh wow that'd be cool....... Ok, well Alex, if your eyes ever come across this post I'm sure you'll be infuriated, embarrassed, over joyed, driven to tears by this whole ordeal.

Eh, you might just blankly stare at the screen giving a silent chuckle or groan going, "Gawd, will this chick ever give up?" But I don't know if you would use the term chick.... you don't seem like the type of guy to say something like that...
Er this is confusing, so I'm just going to stop this post before I go out of hand rambling about inner most thoughts that seemed to have commandeered my cranium.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pockets of feed for the Alligators.

Whooosh. Wow today was very life fulfilling.

Dad had originally planned to take us to Athens for some fishing, again, but our plans changed.

Yesterday we fished at the Lake of the Pines spillway, then later that day we fished at the Lake Palestine spillway. I was fun and boring, mainly boring because I was really sleepy.

He said next weekend we might take Randy's boat out on the lake to fish. It sounds fun...

BUT anyways, today as mentioned above, our plans changed and instead of fishing we went to an alligator farm. It was also a feed and petting zoo.

I was overjoyed by the fact that they had a zebra, which I hand fed. I literally had him eating from the palm of my hand, which of course made me all the happier.

I also fed some deers and goats by hand.... it was slobbery. Now I must proclaim that my weekend was indeed very fun.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

For those who just can't get enough of me.

Have you ever worn someone else's underwear? - Maybe. Dunno.

Have you ever shared gum with someone? - Maybe. Dunno.

If so, with who? - Prolly a$$tin. That one time I reaaaalllllyyyyy wanted gum.

Have you ever told someone they were ugly to their face? - Maybe. Dunno.

If so, how recently? - Just today. I'm tellin ya, just because you wear silicon implants does not make up for the fact that your face is covered in hideous acne.

Have you ever sabotaged someone? - Maybe. Dunno.

If so, who? - Reagan Bethard. Did ya know she's cheating on her boyfriend?

Little Lord Fauntleroy

I remember when I was little I went to the Library and someone read part of this book to me.

Instantly I fell madly and most shallowly in puppy love with little Fauntleroy, also known as Cedric.

Every other girl fawned over the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, but no, I was most ardently infatuated with a fictional boy from the 18th century.

Not surprising huh?

I mean, who wouldn't love a rich ,gentlemanly, sweet American/English boy?

Alas, whenever the little lord is referenced today it is used to describe a spoiled rich kid, of which I can assure you Fauntleroy was not.

Wanna know more?

Check out the Wiki file here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm sorry that sometimes I'm mean

Ah, ok. So I just got back from the library where I was volunteering for the afternoon. It was.... interesting.

Ms. Cheney talked about a whole bunch of top secret stuff about what designs and whatnot she wanted to do for Teen Abyss.

I so badly want to blog about them, but for the sake of the YA section I won't. lol Bekka, the poor lamb, was yet again tainted no thanks to me.

Not saying that I'm fully responsible, only an accomplice.

Anyhoodly, we also had the Science TAKs test which was totally kinda easy. They asked the weirdest questions about the environment and crap like that. About 15% of it involved math too. Ah, we all know I failed that part of the test.

Oh well. Whatever. Hey, anyone wanna book Kimya Dawson for me? Please? Pretty please?