Saturday, July 31, 2010

Librarian chic

My school is one of the few in it's district that hasn't enforced uniforms....yet. Earlier this week they sent out revised dress code notices and boy are they strict.

No hip hugger jeans. All pants must be at the waist.

Shirts meant to be buttoned must be buttoned.

See through layered clothing is no longer allowed.

Along with a plethora of other things concerning hair, leggings, and shoes that I won't go into.

Anyways, since they're cracking down on dress code and are most likely going to switch to uniforms next year I decided to play it safe and just kick my wardrobe into Librarian chic. I'll still have my summer clothes for casual wear just in case, and this way people can keep stereotyping me into the "smart asian" category even though I'm one spot away from being in the top 10%.

Appalling, I know. Usually all asian americans are in the top 10% of their class. BUT I'm straying from the point. A lot of my friends on Facebook have been throwing hissy fits over the matter, and instead of accepting and adapting to the news they've started groups on aforementioned social networking site and threatened to move out of the district.

As if. If I were them I would use this dress code enforcement to rid our school of buttcrack, muffin tops, and the horrible display of boob stretch marks. Oh yeah, and hefty girls wearing jeggings and skinny jeans. No one needs to see that horrifying sight.

In the next few weeks I'll be stocking up on cardigans, quirky t's, semi formal t's, and slacks. I'm seriously contemplating picking up a pair of horn rimmed glasses....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Girlish Catastrophe

An invader the size of Jupiter has appeared on my face over night.

While usually this wouldn't bother me, school's starting up soon which means all my clubs and groups are having meetings soon, and instead of seeing a freshly tanned person they see----- ACNE.

It's made even worse by the fact that I usually have a clear complexion, so whenever I actually do get zits people notice.

And they're not afraid to point out the single giant red spot on my face. Ah what wonderful people I mingle with.

Thank you hormones, and you too high school.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A while back my parents were lazy (it's hereditary no doubt) and decided to get take out. I'm not going to lie, I love chinese food; however I always look forward to the fortune cookies. The one that I got that night blew my mind.

"No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he only had good intentions."
And now that I think about it.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

My dreams....

Are spiraling out of control.

I'm noticing that each night they get more and more bizarre--- leaving me in the morning to question why my subconscious has decided to jump off the deep end and into a nebulous realm of somewhat scary nonsense.

It's like an episode of Doctor Who but way more complicated, and sometimes I'm not me.... if that makes any sense.

I'm Back!

I've become so lazy. After having to load and unload luggage almost everyday for the past two weeks I've also developed some nice looking biceps. After being home for a total of two days I can genuinely say that there's no place like home! Everything is where it should be, I have a computer, and more importantly my own room back!---- Not that I didn't mind sharing a hotel room with my grandma, but she snores too much for me to actually get a good night's sleep. Another thing I'm glad about is not having to lug my family's luggage everywhere. When we checked into our hotel in Vegas the bellman counted how many bags we had and there was a shocking 29 (!) bags ranging from large enough to hide a mini pony in-- to backpack sized bags. Needless to say, I'm done with luggage. From now on any of my travel essentials will have to fit inside one duffel bag or else it'll be deemed non-essential.

Like I said at the beginning, I'm lazy (probably from having to be a pack mule for two weeks) so I'll post a few pictures of stuff that I saw/did on the way up to Vegas....

Our first stop was in Amarillo to eat at The Big Texan. It's been a dream of my dad's to eat at this place since as long as I can remember. They've been on TV about a gazillion times for their 72 0z. steak challenge. If you can it that sucker along with a salad, baked potato, and dinner role in under an hour the meal is free.

While we were eating some nice minstrels came by our table and sang us a song about cowboys and heartache.

Two guys from the northeast tried the 72 oz steak challenge..... and failed miserably.

The restaurant itself was one giant saloon decked out in enough taxidermy to populate a mile's worth of prairie.

My parents made us sit in the giant rocking chair. It took five minutes to get my baby brother to sit in my lap and look at the camera---- obviously he didn't feel like smiling. Oooh, and the restaurant gives out complimentary cowboy hats which is secretly why I wanted to eat there. Now I have two cowboy hats.

Randomly we stopped at this shack of a gift shop that was selling petrified wood. Can you believe this chunk of wood/stone is worth over $3000?! I think this was somewhere in either New Mexico or Arizona... the states all blend together after a while.

The gift shop was also selling ostriches. No joke!

I saw a lot of rolling hills, mountains, and rocks while on the road--- all of which I'm unaccustomed to. Living in the Piney Woods of east Texas, the closest thing to a mountain around here is a jungle gym so it was quite the shock seeing mainly dirt and shrubbery.

I'll post more on my trip later.... when I unpack the memory card with all the Vegas pictures on it.... XP

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm making this short and sweet.

I love Las Vegas and have now decided that any roadtrip I make will have to stop here for at least a week if not more.

If you've never been to Vegas, come at least once, and preferably without your grandma.

Google Fremont street light show, then the Bellagio fountain show.

Daniel Tosh is in Las Vegas right now, along with Barry Manilow. It's almost as great as meeting Anderson Cooper.

Hopefully next week I can post something more coherent with pictures.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

If all goes as planned....

I'll already be on the road and headed for my first stop on my way to Vegas: Amarillo! Scheduled posts are FTW.

Sometime between now and the 26th I will be stopping in the following places:
-Boulder City
-Somewhere in California (my parents have yet to decide)
-Las Vegas
-The Grand Canyon
-Numerous gas stations

My parents stressed that we're not spending a whole lot of time at each spot, except for Vegas (obviously) but I plan on trying to get a souvenir from each spot!

I'm hoping that while I'm on the trip I can still get online, but that's yet to be seen. I'll post pictures as soon as possible! :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two More Days!

I'm almost done packing, but I don't really feel like I'm in travel mode yet. Usually by now I'm antsy and ready to GO, but I just feel super chill. In order to prepare for our trip my family and I cleaned the house from top to bottom.

I'm not a fan of cleaning when it comes to scrubbing or handling bleach or chemicals, but I do find it somewhat comforting to rearrange, throw away, and organize. However, I still had to do both :/

Ever since my baby brother was born it's been impossible to keep the house clean for more than five minutes at a time. This is probably why I hate having to scrub stuff clean with chemicals. Also, babies don't like it when you pay more attention to the refrigerator that has spaghetti sauce flung all over it than them. Because of this, things like dusting the top of the refrigerator is near impossible to do.

Did you know that the tops of refrigerators are dust magnets? No? Neither did I. Apparently the last time the top of our refrigerator was cleaned was a little before my baby brother was born. Yeah. That was two years ago.

I'll give you five dollars if you can guess who had to clean the top of the fridge. Just kidding. I'm saving that money for souvenirs, but if you guessed me, pat yourself on the back. I wanted to gag it was so disgusting. Dust was caked on there in this furry mess, and I had to SOAK it in bleach before I could even begin to scrub it off. Blehhhh. But I got it clean. So it's all good.

Now all that's left to do is clean up all the food that's been flung on the carpet since yesterday. Oh yeah, and all the glitter my baby brother spilled on the carpet when I was making my box-o-happy.
I was feeling crafty, and while cleaning out my computer area I found the old case that my little sister's iPod came in and decided to recycle it and put it to good use. Also I'm a wanton collector of little animals from those 25cent machines, so I thought what the heck. If anything, it's another thing that I made to clutter my desk space.

Another thing, if grass were glitter I think I'd be more likely to roll around in it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Belated Art and burn inducing fun

Today I realized that I've been meaning to post a picture of my oil painting since May, but I kept forgetting, but the forgetting ends now!! (please excuse my shoddy camera skills.)

It's the first time I've ever worked with oils, and I really think that it might be my favorite medium! A lot of the kids in my class hated it and didn't even finish their pieces, which is sad considering most of them were painting bowls of fruit or landscapes :/ We were supposed to pick an artist to draw inspiration from, and while originally my artist was Renoir, I ended up being more influenced by Mary Cassatt because she paints a lot of females with babies. I didn't feel too comfortable painting in oils, especially when it came to nailing skin tone, but my art teacher (who is probably the best art teacher ever) really helped guide me along in the right direction. I remember stressing about the accuracy of my painting to the actual real life subjects, but then I remembered, it's art. As far as shadows and form I did a lot of experimenting with color...

Hopefully next school year I'll be able to do more oil paintings. Practice makes perfect right?


As for my fourth celebration I, like many other Americans that day stuffed my face and squealed over lighting things on fire and watching them blow up.... Except I didn't squeal.

I somehow managed to burn myself multiple times while messing around with the sparklers.... talk about an epic fail of an injury.

Anyways, I had a good time, my family had a good time, I presume my friends did also. How about you fellow stateside bloggers?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The case of almost terrible two's

Oh and for all you folks stateside, Happy 4th! Please be careful not to shoot off any limbs with your fireworks!

Now back to the scheduled programing.

Today, in the wee ungodly hours of the summer morning my dad comes in my room. He's super quiet and whispers that my brother hadn't slept all night. In fact, he was so hyper and awake that my stepmom didn't get an ounce of sleep. My dad's solution? Stick the little devil in bed with me.

It was at this point that I was wondering why my dad even bothered being so quiet this morning. It wasn't like I was going to be getting anymore sleep anyways. Luckily, after a bit of wrestling and a lot of lullabies, my baby brother finally fell asleep at 6:56 am. Unluckily, I noticed that while I as trying to get him to sleep his sippy cup was knocked over and water (don't worry, I double checked) was all over the top half of MY side of the bed.

My head is pounding, and all I can think is SLEEEEP.NOW.NOW.UGH. So I blindly reach for the towel that I forgot to put in the towel hamper last night from my shower, folded it, then placed it on the wet spot on my side of the bed. Of course, now I know doing that was unwise because my towel was still damp from my shower last night..... Oh well it's not like I noticed at the time anyways. I'm lucky my half awake brain even thought to grab something absorbent.

Barely two hours later I feel little hands beating my face and "Izzi, Izzi, Izzi!" being screamed. Maybe he thought I was dead? I have no idea. All I know is, there is no reason whatsoever to beat someone with tiny baby hands. Ever. No. It's not cool.

And I told my brother this repeatedly as I scooped him up and dumped him on my sister's bed. I then retreated under the covers of my own bed, however my plan to just dump him on my sister failed due to the fact that she's notoriously impatient. Only fifteen minutes in and she gives up on trying to put him back to sleep.

So I'm awake now. Holding the little devil known as Steven, about to put him down for his afternoon nap. He's turning two next month. Oh someone help me. He has already learned how to throw fits at grocery stores, and even worse, he lies. A lot. You'd think almost two year olds wouldn't know how to lie, but they do. They lie when they get into your stuff, or when they eat all the candy that was supposed to be too high for them to reach, and sometimes they lie for no reason whatsoever. And the worst of all lies, he tattles on people when nothing happened. It does not make things fun when we have people over and he accuses us of ridiculous things.

All I can think is to be patient. In a matter of two years I'll be out of the house. In college. Where no babies will be slapping me in the face with their tiny baby hands trying to wake me up.

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Things On My Already Full Buffet Plate.

Now, if I were to write an indie album that only a few hundred people would listen too, that would be the title....

Today while working my Friday shift at the library the supervisor was chit chatting it up with me and my friend Bekka when we were reminded of the fact that we still had to design the t-shirts for the annual end of summer lock in for the teens.

Yeah.... We probably should have had some sketches ready by now, but oh well. I'm going to probably spend the next few days working on it.

In the next few days I'm going to have to clean out the family cars. There are so many water bottles on the floor boards it's crazy. My family is very grab and go, in and out, and whatnot PLUS we're notorious procrastinators, so cleaning the car keeps getting pushed back, and back, and back until somebody (usually me) is forced to do something about it.

It's really not too bad, I mean it's mainly random bits of paper and empty water bottles, and at least I'm not doing a deep clean. Especially in my dad's car. Folks, don't smoke cigars, and if you do, don't do it in your car. They will ruin the interior of your car faster than you can say "permanent smoke damage".

Ugh. Not to mention July 4th. There's going to be some douch-bagger....I mean tea-bagger.... SORRY AGAIN, I mean tea-party rally going on at the same time, so it's sure to put me in a good mood.

If only they realized that the founding fathers that they idolized so much were LIBERALS, and all the ideals that the founding fathers fought so hard for are pretty much the exact opposite that the tea party-ers believe in......

Eh oh well. It's another excuse for me to gorge myself on BBQ while shooting off some Roman Candles.

Aaaaaaannnnd I still have yet to do anymore of my summer AP Art assignments... It's times like these that I wish the hours of summer didn't evaporate like water on a hot day.