Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good but bad day.

Now, I can't say how overwhelmed I am with relief that Obama won (even though I would have preferred Stephen Colbert) but today was just BS---- no wait, it was bullshit.

I'm so angry right now that I don't think I'll be able to speak eloquently in nicely formed paragraphs, so I'll just speak the main points using bullets in order to organize my angry thoughts.

  •            JEEZUS PEOPLE.  Barack is not MUSLIM.  His father is of Kenyan lineage, and his mom is white.  His dad practiced the Muslim religion.  Does this make Obama a Muslim?  NO.  Just because his dad was a douche bag doesn't mean he is.  Also, not all Muslims, or people of the Islamic faith are terrorists.  Get that through your ignorant head.  Oh yeah, I guess since you think Obama is a socialist terrorist, then that makes McCain a white supremacy member and a racist.
  •            Obama is not the Antichrist, nor is he a monster from the book of Revelation.  Do your research and re-read the bible.
  •            Ok, 1 If the only reason you didn't vote for Obama was because of his Race/Supposed Religion, then you are truly an ignorant person, and 2 If you actually believe the rumors being spread about Obama in those emails then you are a true member of the most gullible group of America.
  •            OMG.  Just because Obama won does not mean America is doomed.  If anything, he'll help.
  •            Also, for you Religious peeps who say that America is straying away from it's roots-- UHM well America was founded because we wanted religious freedom, and a decent economy and nice taxes.  If we are to take away the right for someone to want to run for the white house, and to have a non-christian religion then isn't that straying from our roots?  Metaphorically speaking of course, because Obama is NOT MUSLIM OR ARAB.  Oh hey, people freaked out when Kennedy was elected because he was Catholic. 
  •            Again, to Religious peeps.  Gay marriage and Abortion are moral issues, and have little to nothing to do with politics other than the fact the politics decides whether or not it's legal.  No matter what there will always be Gay people trying to get married, and there will always be scared teenage girls trying to kill their unborn babies.  Wouldn't you want them to be at least safe when committing these 'sins'?

You know what, I probably wouldn't be so angry if people would just give me a legitimate reason other than those BS-- I mean bullshit ones listed above.  However, being the Loving Liberal that I am, I'm willing to forgive the ignorant people of today.  

And you know what, anyone who hates Obama will just have to deal with it because they're going to have to deal with him for the Next 4 to 8 years, and if they even try to kill him off they better re-think that because if Obama dies then Biden is our President.  Now that I think about it, I think Obama picked Biden on purpose so no one would kill him.  Wow, Obama is smart......


  1. Here here! PLEASE would you show this to Dustin Burns and that David kid from my art class?? Maybe then they would stop and THINK before they speak.
    Also, you should print out a copy of this post for Pocket Protector #2, and rant to him about how stupid he is and that Chick-Fil-A is not a reliable source.
    Bah. Lol, Stephen Colbert would make a great president. Didn't he actually run for a short time?

  2. haha. i'm so tired of people involving their tight-ass morals into politics just to find any excuse to evade the truth. the truth is that Obama is our [even McCain's] President-elect and will be the Chief Executive for at least four years, if not eight. accept it and unite, America. and people who throw around that "Muslim" trash really don't deserve to breathe free air, in my opinion.

  3. People need to just face the fact that Obama is going to be president. End of story.

  4. I know. :/
    People have been so stupid about it all. But at least he's our president now and that's that.

  5. I'm so sick of people being ignorant about the whole Obama thing. He's going to be our president so they just need to accept and get with the program. A large majority of people voted for him (including me) and I'm pretty sure we all had a good reason that didn't involve the color of his skin or his religion.

  6. Obama's dad was a douchebag?

    Anyways, I do admit I was a little skeptical of Obama when I heard some radical rumor. But a rumor is all that it is. And I'm very glad that he is President because it inspires a lot of minorities to go out ther and achieve their dreams.

  7. Yeah, apparently his dad was into bigatry (sp?).