Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The good keeps coming.

I got lucky three times today, and I feel awesome. Maybe it's because of good karma (karma cards anyone?) or maybe it's because I refuse for anything to get me down, even my fail of a bra fitting.

Today my stepmom finally dragged me out of the house so I could go get fitted for a bra, and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The lady who fitted me was very nice, and even though what I was afraid of was true, I figure hey, at least I'll never have to get a boob job. According to her measurements I'm 32 inches around the ribcage, and my cup size is indeed DD. Also, as if that wasn't horrific enough for me she said that in 6 months to a year I should expect to be a DDD because that's what usually happens to girls my age that are already DD's.

Sadly, the store didn't carry 32DD's but they were able to special order them so in about 4-6 days I'll have 4 brand new 32DD's coming in the mail. I like getting things in the mail, even if they are embarrassingly large bras.

In order to prepare for the trip to Las Vegas my stepmom and I went to Wal*Mat to do a little shopping. They were doing a lot of rearranging and remodeling and because of this they put a lot of things on clearance so they could go ahead and get rid of old merchandise so they could have more space to do stuff.

While perusing the clearance section I found a Cadet Chekov action figure for $5! Of course I snatched it up. Now that I have both Spock and Chekov, I only need the other five to have a complete collection XD

Buuuuut I'll probably take my time building my Star Trek collection.....

Then, when checking out I managed to score Toy Story 3 silly bandz, AND I ran into my friend Sarah Miles, who is about to leave for college! I really have to make it a goal to go to more stores because I seem to be running into a lot of old friends in them!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh lucky day!

Today started off grand. I woke up around 9ish, got dressed, at some donuts for breakfast, babysat a little, then departed from the house to run some errands.

First my stepmom went to the bank, then we went to my dad's office, and then before I knew it I was going to my shift at the library.

When I arrived I realized that it was one of the librarian's birthday so there was an abundance of free cake!!

Another blessing came when I realized that most of the books that needed to be shelved went in the same section! Score!

Then close to the end of my four hour shift I got to make a sock kitty, which is very much like a sock monkey, but a kitty.... ya know?

After the library my sister wanted to go to TJ Maxx, and while there I ran into a long lost friend who was home from college!! She was like my big sister my freshman year of art class, and I felt so happy hearing that she was doing so well in college. She told me that right now she was working on her summer sewing assignments (she's a design major at Baylor) and just chilling at home.

Then, not ten minutes after I ran into her I ran into my friend Bekka! What a day!

So far everything's been going great. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be just as grand. Being happy is awesome.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I finally got my piano trophys back from my mom's house! Now all I need is a case for all of them :D

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's raining, and I'm finding myself without time.

Usually around this time of summer I find myself with nothing to do, however it seems that I'm all booked up for once.

Wednesday I had the intention to hang out with my friend Bekka and go thrifting, but it seems that my parents have yet again made plans. In fact, right before I was going to ask my parents about doing this my step mom tells me that we're going to Dallas.

Not that I'm complaining. I love Dallas, and I would be crazy to pass up eating at Babes (their fried chicken is to die for!!), but I wish I could have had the opportunity to hang out with Bekka. Oh well, our thrifting will probably have to wait another day.

In other news, it's raining like crazy in my town. It gives a whole new definition to summer showers. Also, not to be a kill joy, but the rain is making the weeds and grass everywhere grow 5X as fast as it normally does.....if only it made my hair grow that fast.

Another thing, I don't have rain boots, and I have an affinity for the sandals I bought so I'm always having wet, or damp feet :/ No me gusta. A simple solution would be to buy some rain boots, but I'm too darn busy to do so!! Maybe I'll find a nifty pair of Morton-salt-girl yellow rain boots when I go thrifting. Or perhaps a cool journal. I'm in the market for one of those too. And a hat box. The list goes on.

Oh yeah, more good news! I've just finished typing my 5th review for the summer reading club, which means only three more books to go! I'm currently working on 2 books right now, but they're going kind of slow. I'm too lazy to go and exchange them, and too stubborn to actually out put the effort and find more interesting books to read so I'll just bare through it. Or play DDR, which is what I seem to be doing more often when I find myself with free time at home!

Eeek!! There's a lot of thundering going on right now, and I don't want my electricity to go out before I publish so I'm going to go ahead and stop rambling...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ideas Churning about

So today I had two things to blog about... One was angsty, the other wasn't, therefore in the attempt to not be so dark and twisty anymore I opted to share about something non angsty.

I'm really into Etsy, and if you're a female with any sort of affinity for awesome homemade or vintage items you should be too. For some time now I've been thinking about all the different little things I make and how usually people like them and suddenly I thought, why not try selling my things on Etsy?

It looks fun, sounds easy, and best of all----- MONEY. Ok, so money isn't really the heart of the matter, however I have had my eye on a few things on the site and if I had a little cash in my pocket I don't see what's really stopping me from compulsively buying whatever I wanted.

Also, I've been meaning to post all of my summer book reviews, but I've been lazy. So far I have three, and hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have eight. I've been debating with myself on whether or not I should post all of them at once, or just space them out.... but I'll get around to it later :)

Since I volunteer at my local public library it's mandatory for me to do the summer reading club, and for each book we read we have to write a book review and submit it. In order to participate in all the activities and prize opportunities we have to read a total of eight books. I figured since I was outputting the effort to write the reviews, why not share them with you guys?

Hopefully I picked some books that you haven't read!

Also, project Karma Cards is going great! My friend Bekka and I have already begun our mission of putting them in random places, hoping to cheer someone up. I feel like even though I don't get to see the product of my actions, it's still probably doing some good somewhere.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that I've only done 2 out of the 6 summer AP art assignments I'm supposed to do, and I made a personal goal to make at least 3 of them large-scale or 3d... I should probably get working on it.

Anyways, that's some of the non-angsty stuff that's been churning around in my head for the past few days. What have you guys been thinking about?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You don't even know.

Warning: TMI.

Ever since elementary school when I started to "develop" things have never been the same. Growing up bras have always been pesky contraptions that I felt were unnecessary to my existence.... unless Hello Kitty was on them. Needless to say I feel the same way now, however it's become extremely hard to find Hello Kitty bras in my size without paying an arm and a leg in order to put in a special order for just one pair. It's a major FML.In fact, I've just decided to declare my entire chest FML worthy.
At the beginning of the school year my step mom started to nag on me about how I was wearing a bra that was too small for me and even threatened to get properly fitted to see what size I actually was. Luckily the place that we went to discontinued "fittings" but she was still convinced that I was still wearing a bra that was too small. At the time I was thoroughly convinced I was only a C cup, but apparently I was wrong.It took me a while to get used to the fact that I was indeed a D cup. It was actually quite traumatizing having to get used to the idea. With all of that happening just recently, my step mom has again begun to nag about my bras. Again, she is thoroughly convinced that I have grown some more. This time she promised that we were actually going to go and find somewhere that would fit me....

FML. FML. FML. I am not in the mood to have someone measure me and make jokes and small talk about my not so small chest. Also, I think I'm going to cry if someone tells me that I'm actually a DD. I will not accept the fact.

While guys might like them, I don't. It sucks buying swimsuits because either I buy one that fits my torso and my boobs are squashed beyond comprehension, or I buy one that fits me up top and is baggy everywhere else. It's quite the conundrum, and there is rarely a happy medium, unless I get a two peice. Not to mention places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal cater to people with small chests... not cool man. I do not feel like shopping at Baby Phat, or wherever else most people with big boobs or implants shop.

According to my friend Troy who is Korean, Forever 21 is owned by Koreans who are notorious for having small chests--- which is probably why their clothes are biased towards small chested girls. There have been so many times when I have tried on tops and dresses only to find out that I can't squeeze them over my boobs. Or, they fit perfectly around my waist and my chest is about to pop out. Also, if you don't have anything bigger than a B cup you have no idea how impossible it is to not show cleavage without going full collar. If you can do so without wearing at least 2 undershirts, I commend you.

Another thing that sucks, I can't buy bras for anything less than $80 for two. If there's one thing I learned from my step mom it's that quality is everything. I could easily spend anywhere from $80 - $150 on two to three pairs of bras, and that's if I'm being frugal. Cheap bras break easy and offer no support, also for some crazy reason it's hard finding cheap bras in my size anyways :/

Having a big chest goes way beyond clothes though sometimes. I'll be at the mall, Wal*Mart, an amusement park, the library, or pretty much any open public place and get creeped on by guys who obviously don't care if they're caught staring. Occasionally I get creeped on by girls, but usually it's in a non homo way. It's just not cool though. And as much as I like clothes, I think I would stab myself with a butter knife before I start wearing baggy, oversized shirts.

I envy small chested girls because they can always fake having a bigger chest without having to commit to it, but it doesn't work the other way around sadly, unless I want to commit to some serious pain and bandaging.

There's just no winning.

I don't want to get fitted. I don't want to be told the inevitable (that I've gone up a cup size). I don't want to wear ugly clothes that don't fit. AND I don't want to get creeped on by pervy guys, but somethings are just going to happen and I can't do anything about it.

Well, I can refuse to wear ugly baggy clothes, and I can always punch those guys in the face.... that's a bright side!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The country is nice

No, I'm not talking about a foreign country, although I am fond of those, I'm talking about rural areas in which 85% of the population farms or owns livestock.

It's nice, quite, slow, and best of all polite.

In the rural back-end of Texas people genuinely say "y'all" and wave at complete strangers driving by. Don't have any sugar at your house? Don't worry, just go down the road and borrow a cup from your neighbor.

Today my grandpa and I went down the road to the service station nearby where some farmers had set up a tent selling peaches, blueberries, and blackberries. When we drove up the guy was playing his guitar, and as soon as he saw us he flashed us a big smile.

Sadly, they just ran out of blackberries when we arrived so we just got some peaches and blueberries. Last summer I wrote about going to buy produce from a farm market with my grandparents, and I'm glad that I get to continue to participate in the tradition :)

Fresh food is the best. And I'm not talking about the kind from supermarkets.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tosh.0, Bento Boxes, and Swimming

I know it's summer when....
I have nothing better to do than to watch tons of Tosh.0
My friend Hannah calls me up to go swimming at the pool in her neighborhood
I have dreams of drowning in said neighborhood pool
All I want for Christmas is a Bento Box
My eyes hurt from reading too much
My brain hurts from listening to the theories on the Science Channel
I start to procrastinate about art
I can't fall asleep till at least 2am
I look in the mirror and wonder who on earth that foxy brown person is.... oh wait, that's me!
I look in the mirror and make fun of the weird looking bathing suit tan lines the person has... oh wait... that's me again.
My house starts to form ice crystals from my dad blasting the air conditioner
I meet the greatest people on the face of the planet only to never see them again because I met them while on a vacation.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Losing something can be good.

My school fails at scheduling. They released our schedules for the 2010-11 school year at the beginning of this summer in the attempt to satisfy many anxious high school students and ended up failing and getting everyone's classes wrong.

My schedule alone was pretty bad. They stuck me in the wrong math class, and put me in Human Growth and Development instead of debate.

Right now, I don't even know if there's going to be a debate class, and the chances are there won't be unless they can find a coach by the end of the summer. I've checked around with the other kids who were taking debate and they too have had the class replaced with something else. While losing debate is horrible, I can't help but think about how possibly losing this could open up a way for me to do other things.

For one, my weekends would be clear, meaning that getting a job would actually become a reality. During the school year debate takes up at least half of my weekends, and I do case work on the weekends that I don't have tournaments. With my weekends free I'm less hesitant to get a job because I'll actually have more time to work.

Secondly, my school is rumored to have started a culinary arts program, and I'm all in if there's no debate. I've always wanted to do cooking classes and I was planning to take some for college, but if my school starts doing the classes then I might as well take them.

If anything, I could also take AP Chemistry, that way I can get the AP testing out of the way my junior year.

But all of the above is speculative. Call it my back-up plan, I'm just trying to prepare myself for an unwanted reality. Debate is a big part of my life. It's fun, it's exhilarating, it makes me more aware, but if it indeed was deemed an "unnecessary" program by my school I have to come to terms with their decision and move on.

Do I think it's a mistake to remove the speech & debate program?

Of course, but I'm not a school official, and I can't imagine how hard it is to find someone willing to coach a team of argumentative, moody teenagers. So instead of getting angry I prepared myself for the worst and tried to look at the bright side. I still have Art and AcaDec :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Back

After surviving through a horribly rough week in Arkansas with my mom (believe me there was so much I didn't talk about) I am now adjusting to a normal, stress free life.

The upcoming weeks are most likely going to be spent preparing for the family trip to Las Vegas.

I know for a fact we're leaving on the 10th, and I'm super excited and pumped to be going! We're making a lot of stops along the way... as of where I have no idea.

I started my first volunteer shift back at the library and it's pretty uneventful. But alas, those are the ways of the library.

Things are pretty mundane, and it's nice.

In the near future I see myself watching a lot of Doctor Who, volunteering at the library, baby sitting my baby brother Steven, and sorting through my clothes.

Well, at least till the 10th of July.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pros & Cons of coming home

I will see my baby brother, dad, and stepmom (all who are dearly missed!).
I get to sleep on my own bed! Air mattress are lame.
Doctor Who comes on the day I come home!
I will finally be able to play DDR again.
Good food cooked by my stepmom.
I get to have a closet! No more living out of a travelling bag.
I get to spend time with my grandparents.
No more of my mom's BS. I've already had my dose for the summer please & thankyou.
My freedom to wear/do/say what I want will be returned! My mom is a.... well you know.

My friend Andria's dad died today. Depressing :/
Start my annual library shift maybe without Rebekka :(
No excuse to be angsty....(jk)
I'll have to finish, for the second time, Atlas Shrugged by the 17th... I might be able to get an extension...
I have to turn in the final mock up of the Anime Prom poster I was supposed to make...


So last night I was on Facebook and my friend Alejandro commented on Lady Gaga's music video for her third single from "Fame Monster" Alejandro.

He was a bit upset about it, saying that Lady Gaga had went too far. Curious I decided to pull it up on YouTube and watch it.

At the time I was pulling the video up I was talking to my friend Troy, who is vacationing in Korea. I thought, "Hey why not show Troy too? He likes Lady Gaga..."

So I sent him the link.... and we both watched it. It was pretty run of the mill for Gaga. Avant garde dancing and costume, the usual. Then it got around the 4 minute mark and.... cue the really awkward scenes that depict... you know...

I usually appreciate the artistic style of Lady Gaga, but after the video, IMing Troy was awkward because I sent him the music video....

Lesson Learned. Never send someone the link to anything unless you know what it contains.

Poor Troy. I don't even think his Korean big head knew what was going on.

If you want to watch the highly interesting music video (which is amazing, despite making it awkward between me and Troy now) you can view it here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Night Owls Anonymous

For some reason I have issues falling asleep when someone tells me that I HAVE to sleep. Maybe it's just me and my authority issues, but honestly I can't help it.
I toss and turn; I find reasons to get up and walk around, and I don't feel the least bit tired. However, when it's a slow day, and I know for a fact that I don't have to necessarily get any sleep for the next day I can conk out in less than 5 minutes. What's up with that?

I don't know.

My mom for some horrific reason wants us up and out of the house before 6am because the house cleaner is coming by.

Apparently she had tried calling to re-schedule it for later on in the day, but couldn't get a hold of the house cleaner, ergo we all have to wake up early in order to be out of the house cleaner's way.

Why on earth anyone would schedule someone to come around at 6 in the morning to clean their house is beyond me, but that's my mom for you. Also, there's not much to clean around here, and I could certainly do everything myself, but nooooo we have to pay someone else to do something that I could do for free.... or perhaps $20 less than the other person.

But I digress. I was supposed to get a good night's sleep so that I could wake up early and be lucid enough to function outside of the house (maybe get some McDonalds), but I haven't slept for more than 15 minutes.

I tried laying in the dark, hoping to fall asleep soon, but after staring at blackness for about an hour I gave up and got back online, and here I am. Not sleeping. And I'm due to 'wake up' in about 2 1/2 hours. Great.

Side note: I was googling pictures of night owls and this jewel pops up.
I almost forgot about the Night Owl from Watchmen! His little owl-mobile is too cute. And yes, many hardcore comic book fans are doing face/palms right now because of what I just typed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More proof that my mom is crazy

So just a few seconds ago my mom comes up to me and is like, "Do you want braces?"

I stared at her. REALLY? Does it look like I need braces, because last time I checked, my teeth are straight. They've been straight for the longest.

Sure, I might need a good teeth whitening, but really, who doesn't?

I grabbed the mirror in my purse just to make sure I haven't been lying to myself since the 6th grade and sure enough. My teeth are still straight.

This is just like the time she tried to get me contacts when I had just told her that I thought glasses suited my face.

It's only Tuesday and my mom's crazy is already coming out.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What? This isn't a cottage!

So I'm here in Ft. Smith Arkansas, and despite having to sleep on an air mattress theres not much to complain about. For the entire 6 hour ride up here my mom kept on rambling about 'the cottage' and how much I would love it. Yeah. It's not a cottage.

It's a quaint little gated community that is called 'the cottages' but other than the slight false advertisement via my mom, I really like the place. When we arrived I soon found out that the place was completely unfurnished even though my stepdad has been living here for about a month.

Supposedly we're going furniture shopping Wednesday, but we'll see how that goes. Since I'm the artist in the family according to my stepdad, I'm automatically in charge of decorating and interior design. Personally, I don't think putting me in charge of decorating is a good idea because if I could I would deck the place out in syfi nerd paraphernalia (millennium falcon couch anyone?). However, I'll be nice and decorate the place with white wicker and white china. I'm going for that legit summer cottage feel. Gosh darnit I was promised a cottage so even if it's only the inside, it's going to be a cottage.

It's what's inside that counts the most right?

If it's not, don't worry, my self esteem isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Tomorrow I was promised shopping, but again, we'll see how that works out. I'm just hoping that I don't end up bored out of my mind the entire week that I'm up here. Google says Arkansas isn't boring, but then again, Google could be lying to me...again. Oh well, at least it gave me this cool picture of the city.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Determined to look at the bright side

Remember my last post? About wanting my parents to slow down so I wouldn't have to take so many impromptu trips?

Yeah. Going on another one of those, except this time with my mom and her new husband and my little sisters. To Arkansas. It's a 6-7 hour drive from where I am in Texas, and I really don't want to be couped up in a car with my mom for that long.

I was called today, informed that I was to be ready Sunday at 1pm to be picked up. According to my sister we're spending a week up there to go shopping and other stuff. Why on earth we're going to Arkansas to shop is beyond me, but I'm not complaining. Free stuff with a little bit of guilt FTW!

While I'm in a new place I'm going to take the opportunity to spread around Karma Cards! What are they you ask? Karma Cards are little pieces of inspiration that not only boosts the spirits of those who receive them, but also make you feel good inside for having lifted someone's spirit.

I had some free time (and printer ink) today to print these off and cut them out, but if you're lazy and would much rather just order a pack of really nice quality cards you can do so here thanks to Sarah Von. Sarah also gives fun and interesting tips and ideas on where to place them. Oh yeah, did I mention that you could get 15 cards for just a measly $6, with free shipping and handling?

I love how uplifting and inspiring each card is, and I can't wait to start raking in the good karma!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am a child

Today I spent most of the day playing on the Webkinz account that I share with my sisters. We have about 8 billion Webkinz pets, and even though the site is aimed at kids 12 and under I can't help but be addicted to the cuddly little creatures that you can do virtually anything with.My parents, after finding out my addiction to Webkinz have for the past 3 Christmases been using Webkinz as stocking stuffers. In order to have a Webkinz account you have to shell out $10.99 (more or less depending on the pet) on a stuffed animal that you register online. If I were to calculate the numbers I would have to say that my parents have spent $100+ on these suckers. Also, the people at Ganz are smart little cookies, and make you renew your membership by buying at least 1 new pet every year or else your account and everything is terminated.

Don't judge me. This is way better than doing crack in a dark alley, or worse, your neighbor's garage.

I was playing Webkinz on my grandma's computer, because I was impromtly told yesterday that my family was taking a quick overnight trip to visit Grandma. I was supposed to come home today, but due to bad weather I'm stuck at Grandma's until the weather clears up. I'm hoping that my parent's schedule slows down for a bit because I honestly have no idea what I'm doing between now, and the rest of summer (other than vacation time in Vegas). My parents have stuff planned that I don't even know about, which results in me throwing clothes in a bag for the weekend and going somewhere random. Not that I'm complaining, but I'd like to rest up before July and the most likely exhausting things my parents will make me do in Las Vegas.

On another note, tonight the season premiere of Royal Pains comes on and I can't wait to Jew it up with my favorite on call doctor. Shalom!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

25 Things (that spread like the plague)

Just kidding. I was just tagged in one of these things by Jessi via The Musings of a Wannabe Star, who btw has a nice blog. At the end of this long list I'll just tag the first 5 or 10 people on my blogroll, depending on how lazy I am between now and then.
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (or you were just the first people on my blogroll, which pretty much means I want to know more about you anyways because you're on my blogroll.... and I'll just stop now. I sound like a creep. :P)
1. I've come to the point in my scholarly career in which I no longer care about WHAT I do as long as I'm busy, and most importantly happy.

2. Like a train wreck billowing with smoke I cannot tear my eyes away from trashy reality TV and game shows once they're on. The remote is just too darn far away from my lethargic hand.

3. My brain works in mysterious ways. Or perhaps it's my intuition. All I know is, I do really well on multiple choice questions on tests.

4. Music and food are my two artistic musts. I love most all music, and my likes surpass most genre barriers. The same goes for food. I love trying new things and making mistakes in the kitchen.

5. Secretly, I've always wanted to be a singer in a folk band. And play the harmonica.

6. I love to read. I will read anything. Books, newspapers, magazines, web articles; the nutrition facts and ingredients on food products are my guilty reading pleasure.

7. I have a knack for loving weird movies, and then slightly hating them when every "cool" kid at my school starts to like them. I am a jealous fan.

8. Driving and getting my license is not my number one priority. My number one priority is finding a nice boy who can drive me places. JK, I just hate driving.

9. If a blue police box were to suddenly appear in my town I would camp out in front of it to make sure that if it belonged to Dr. Who, he would give me a ride in it.

10. When I was younger I was always told to keep busy, because that is the quickest path to success. I am now a member of too many clubs and extracurriculars to count on both hands. It's very fun, and very rewarding.

11. Getting older, and closer to college made me realize that I have 3 younger siblings that I don't want to be too far away from.

12. If I could, I would invent something that would make me 12 years old again.

13. The vast amount of organized religion is BS. End of story.

14. I want to one day live at least a year or two in New Orleans. I love the city, the culture, the people, and the food!

15. Debating is what I do. I have a large collection of medals and trophies to prove so. Don't argue with me unless you know your subject.

16. I'm picky when it comes to guys and I'm not ashamed. Guys are just as picky for equally, if not more asinine reasons than I am.

17. I don't care if people do drugs, as long as they do them in moderation, and don't ask me for any crack money.

18. Some people call me liberal, but I prefer the term "inter-racially obligated to be open minded". I like a lot of conservative ideas, but I can help but feel a little offended when a white republican asks me if I speak English. Just because I'm brown doesn't mean I'm Mexican and can't speak English.

19. From the time I was five on up to current day I've been correcting people on what race I actually am. Half Filipino, Half white (mainly jewish). The best of both worlds if you ask me.

20. My mom hates it when I get brown. I go tanning often. (And not the tanning bed tanning, I actually go out and lay in the sun.)

21. Anderson Cooper is the C to my NN. And Bill Maher isn't too shabby either.

22. The fact that I need to find boys my age becomes clearer everyday, but due to my pickyness I'll have to be 18, witty, and able to charm men of the caliber of those listed in #21.

23. I want to write/direct/produce/ just make a movie.

24. I think radicalists had it right all along. No one ever pays attention, or remembers those who act mildly under the false pretense of "peace". As long as there is powerful government, organized religion, un-moderated capitalism, and greedy power hungry humans, there will be no peace.

25. I am quite aware that a lot of my views and opinions of things are hard to accept, or just plain disagreeable, but it's ok. It's called a wedge issue, and mine just happens to be a very large wedge. The more people get to know me the more they either agree, or disagree with me. I don't care if you argue what I say, as long as you have logic to back you up.

Now to tag.
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