Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh Halloweenies.

Man oh man was last night was Killer!

I went to Hang's at five and she answered the door while in a towel... she was taking a shower.  It was very awkward.

Anyways I went Trick or Treating with bunches of people, Stefy, Elizabeth, Hang, Adrian, Taylor, Zack, and Ian... not that anybody cares about names online, but just in case you're wondering (Bekka) that's all you missed out on.

We went to this swanky neighborhood that was filled with stuck up people and got some candy.  It was kinda awkward because there were tons of people staring at us because we were all teenagers, but no one really cared that much.

We walked around for like an hour and then we walked all the way back to Hang's house which was at the other end of town >.<

I had fun hanging with people, especially Ian and Taylor who almost made me wanna pee myself laughing.

Also I found out that Zack reads my blog..... can you say odd?


  1. It will be even more odd when Zack notices he mentioned. Haha!

    People stared at me too, but I want my butterfingers!!

  2. your night seems like it was awesome. i trick-or-treated as a teenager and i got the weirdest looks but it was still cool. wait till zack sees his name! hee hee!

  3. Yeah, def know what you mean about the awkwardness. Me and my friends got some strange stares from parents when we were among the little kids singing High School Musical... >.>

  4. I trick-or-treated with my friends as well and this woman asked: Which highschool are you guys from?
    Yes, I know. We probably shouldn't have worn fishnets and cleavage baring tops.