Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to be honest

Today I got a much needed kick in the ass.

In DEPs we had a mock 8 week PT test, and I failed so badly.

I've hit a plateau. While I have progressed a lot from when I first started in June, I should be better. WAY better.

And it's all because I'm really good at lying and procrastinating to myself.  I will find any excuse to put off my additional training. These few weeks it was Thanksgiving and my stepmom having pneumonia. I' ve been taking care of my younger siblings and various things around the house, but I could have put aside an hour, at the least, every other day to run and work on my push ups. I've only run once in the past week.

This streak ends today. I need to get my ass into gear and set some tangible goals for myself.

So. Next week? This time next week I want to have shaved 2 minutes off my run time. I will do at least 48 sit ups within a minute, and 18 push ups within a minute.

It's time for me to physically ready myself for February.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


3 lines

Bitches please hear me/
I will punch you in the face/
If you are nosey

Bill Maher, high five, man/
Please pontificate loudly/
To conservatives

Weed is not that bad/
Except, of course, in excess/
Like all things in life

3 months remaining/
My departure imminent/
I am so ready

Cuddling is nice/
Like sweaters and sweet hot tea/
During a snow storm

Texas seceding/
So beyond idiotic/
Seriously, stop

I like Thanksgiving/
But not my dumb, loud cousins/
Oh Buddha, help me

Everybody needs/
To calm the fuck down today/
Yes, including me

The Kimya Dawson/
Inspired this haiku post/
Via her Twitter

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been meaning to blog about this since the news first broke, but life, you know.

So this whole affair thing that Petraeus had makes me sad.  For my non-US friends, Petraeus was a retired 4 star army general and head of the CIA (briefly), and his affair with biographer Paula Broadwell (who has a pretty impressive background) has not only permanently damaged his reputation, but Broadwell's as well.

I think I've mentioned my views on affairs before--- which was met with mixed response.  I just don't understand.  It might be due to the fact that I'm not a risk-taker.  In almost everything I do (sans art) I tend to stay on the safe, cautious side of things.  The idea of gambling with ANYTHING makes me uneasy, so when I hear about well respected and highly regarded people doing things like this, I just wonder, why?

They worked hard for all of their accomplishments, building a reputation that many would be envious of, only to have their credibility crumble because of an extramarital affair.

Marriage is not something I take lightly, and not for religious reasons.  It's a promise, and quite possibly the biggest promise you can make, to be someone's partner.  If the relationship doesn't work, get a divorce.  My parents marriage obviously didn't work out, but they knew when to quit.  They never cheated on each other, and it took them both quite some time to find someone else.

Cheating while dating I view to be a lesser evil because those types of relationships, in my mind, are kind of like trial periods.  While I don't condone it, I don't hold it up to the magnitude of cheating within a marriage.

I've never had the desire to cheat, but whenever I get unhappy in a relationship I end it.

And I understand how naive this post may sound to those with more life experience than me, but it's how I feel.

Despite all of Petraeus' pitfalls within his personal life, I still admire all the work that he's done.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Holy Cannoli

For the past few days I've abstained from blogging because I didn't want to spread my negativity around the internet.  A lot of little, nice things have been happening in my life, but then again, a lot of big, not-so-nice things have been happening as well.

BUT, instead of whining about it I've decided to share a collage of pictures that express the awesomeness of the fall season that I've experienced so far:

via my instagram
I'm a bit sad that I didn't write a little something about the US election results, but I did vote for the first time, and that was exciting!  I've always been a politically aware person and although I tend to get a little carried away IRL, I've become quite tame over the past few years.  It was nice to actually put my opinion to good use.  I know a lot of people are cynical about the election process because the electoral vote, and not the popular vote decides the election, but either way this time around, Obama won both, just like he did the previous term.  A lot of wonderful things were decided this election, such as two more states legalizing same-sex marriage, and to me that's proof enough as to why voting is important.  I sort of wish I lived in a swing state, though.

Anyway, I've also been watching a handful of documentaries and short films online, and if you have a spare 47 minutes to procrastinate with, I'd recommend watching Hearts and Crafts, which is available to watch online for free!  Even though I'm a Jew at heart, I've always appreciated quality, handcrafted goods and this documentary features leather craftsmen (such as those that make saddle-wear for horses and the designers of Hermes bags), jewelers, and glass-makers, as well as a few others.  The documentary just left me with a happy feel good type of vibe.

But yes, hopefully I can catch up on everyone's blogs and start posting more regularly!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November

Man. I haven't been able to actually sit down and do blogger related things in quite some time. In fact, I'm typing this post on my phone.

Needless to say, I have been bombarded with stressful activities.

October was not a fun month, and even though it's only the first day of November, I have a sinking notion that this month will be equally as taxing.

Right now I'm going through an awful transitional phase with my parents in terms of "growing up", but other than that, I'm fine.

I'm constantly willing myself to look at the bright and positive side of things, and now I just feel tired.

So very, very tired.

Ah, well, so it goes.

I'll be damend if anyone tries to ruin my favorite season.