Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busted Washing Machine

Again, I can't seem to go six months without screwing up and 'breaking' something.

Apparently I screwed up our washing machine, so now it makes these hideous sounds when it runs.

Of course, it doesn't make any sense because I haven't touched the washing machine in 5 days..... but I get blamed for everything so it doesn't matter anyways.

Whatever. I'll see how it plays out. Also, to Bekka, I found your family crest thingy. Also, send me the BG for your blog so I can set it up! Most preferable if you set it up on photobucket and sent me the URL.


  1. *smack forehead* I meant from the actual name history website. See if the crest comes up there.
    I know you found those pics through Google :p I tried that lol

    I had a REALLY hard time choosing because I found this AMAZING site with all these great patterns (I'll leave the link on my blog for you) But, in the end I think this one will be best:

  2. don't feel bad. i screwed up the dishwasher back home at least twice last year.