Saturday, November 8, 2008

Novice? What what?

Oh my gosh.  

Today was a rush of emotional emotions, none of which were bad.  We (the debate team) competed against a school that was about 15 minutes away from our school, and it was very easy.

With my actual debate rounds I didn't place, which made me kinda mad, but oh well I could care less.  I still have 3 other chances to make it into district.

However, In Extemp Speaking I made it to finals and tied for 6th out of like 40 competitors, which is pretty darn cool.  I had to endure Jack today, but for some reason he was a lot more tolerable.  I think it's because we didn't spend and hour in any closed areas hearing him make crappy and ignorant comments.

No wonder why people hate him.  Also, I was talking to Jacob about Speech and Debate camps.

I really am thinking about committing the rest of my High School, and maybe even college career to this.  I dunno, it's like I've found my little 'niche' in my school community.  

The only problem is prices for camp.  To go to this really fancy UT or UNT camp it's around $1,400 for 15 days of learning and debating and speech making.  Not to mention all the people I'm going to meet there.

Oh well.  I think it's worth it, even though my parents practically peed themselves when they saw the price.

In other news, I watched a movie with an old FRIEND of mine. Tee Hee.  Great fun.


  1. that's so cool that you feel that you've found your niche. how exciting! yeah, that price for camp just hurts to look at, but i sure hope that it happens for you; you deserve it. congratulations on that 6th place!
    ooh, was it a cute friend of yours that you watched the movie with?

  2. -sigh- I remember the days of debate club. I was so happy to have a real reason to argue with someone. And yes the camps are ridiculously expensive, but they're also worth it. This summer I went to a performing arts camp in Chicago. It was really expensive but in the end it was the most amazing thing ever. Nothing compares to being around people who share the same passion as you and learning more about something you're really interested in. Good luck with that.

  3. -sigh- the word cute does not even cover his coolness.