Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Pain and Wedding

So my grandma had her second eye surgery a few days ago and much like the first one, she had to stay with my family while she recovered.

Needless to say, everyone has been on edge because she's just so... unpleasant. She's been stressing my stepmom out, and all of my stepmom's stress/anger is taken out on me, which is of course lovely. I've been sort of avoiding the Internet and Facebook and just hiding out in my room watching random movies that have come on HBO and whatnot, but I heard today that she was leaving soon so I had to share the great news!

Also, on Friday I woke up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding. While I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes and scoffing at me, I don't care. It was like being 5 again, except this time instead of thinking that Prince Harry was a cutie, I was thinking about what a PILF he was. I'll refrain from gushing about every detail like I did to my much annoyed friends at school and just say this: The wedding was AMAZING.

It probably wasn't smart of me to wake up at 3am since I had my standardized exit level history test later that day... Oh well, it was seemingly easy, but that could have been my coffee buzz impairing my thinking.

Next Friday I have my APUSH test and I'm not excited... but then Saturday I'm going to Six Flags with art club, so it shouldn't be too bad...

Arg I'm so anxious about all of my tests >.< I'm going to go cram now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know what I'm doing

A fellow AcaDec team member posted this on Facebook a few days ago and I'm still mind blown about how big my binder is/was. Ignore Nathan staring creepily and me smiling at something off camera... LOOK AT THOSE DINOSAURS! << our binders

It just makes me all the more happy that competition is OVER and doesn't come again till next year. I started thinking about different things that I'll have do to for next year and I realized that I hadn't come up with a concrete plan for what I'm doing for my AP Studio Art concentration/portfolio (consisting of 12 themed pieces). All of the seniors this year that had issues with their concentration mainly got into a bind because they didn't have a theme.

After not contemplating at all and just spouting off random words I got inspired by this one guy in my art class who's theme is juxtaposition and decided to make my theme prepositional phrases! My subjects will mainly be people, but I'm still deciding on whether I want to work with other people, or if I want to make a series of self portraits.... more on that in a sec.

Here are some things my friends are doing for their concentration:
-Kitchen appliances

I want mine to be quirky and funny and I want at least on peice to be "Atop" and have it be a picture of someone on a mountain or something awesome and I also like the idea of doing one called "Amid the crowd"... I don't know... I have until the end of the school year to think about it, but I need to start working on it over the summer.

Anyways, this is where you guys sort of come in. I'm most likely going to be working from photographs, and most of you guys are AWESOME photographers/models and I was wondering if you guys would be interested being a part of my concentration?

Yeah, just an idea :) I still have a while to think about what I'm doing and what actual prepositional phrases I want to do, but I'll keep you guys posted!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogger hates me

Ahhhh so I did a vlog, but blogger hates me, so it didn't show up :( Poop. Sorry Christopher.

Anyways, Blogger has been continuously messing up my text so I have no idea what to do now.

Oh well, I think the reason why it's screwinig up so bad is all the new mobile options and what not. I'll do a more formal post later, when I'm not in school. Working.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nonstop face painting, and nonverbals.

Working with special needs kids is something... else. I honestly have a completely new respect for the guardians and caretakers of those kids because of today, and I was only face painting!

For about 3 hours straight I did nonstop face painting on various special needs kids, and I smiled so much I felt my face was going to fall off.

My day started out interestingly enough with my friend Caleb getting orange juice poured on him by his crazy ex for turning some jeans she gave him into shorts... Yeah. His mom had to bring him a different shirt to change into.

Anyways, besides what seemed like endless face painting on my part, I had a fun time. Towards the end of the day we kind of goofed off and painted silly things and just messed around in general.

Ryan, the guy running against me for class VP was also there helping his special needs buddy carry the banner... Which reminds me, he caught me putting up a really large poster in the counselor hallway today and it was pretty funny. It ended with me yelling after him saying "I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU," and him making weird gestures in response.

The Thespians decided to dress up as popular characters and my friend Kenneth decided to be Harry Potter! I couldn't resist getting a picture with him. He's so precious! (in a non Golem-esque way)
All of the 120 students that helped out were cleared from having to go to class so once I got back to school I passed out on the floor of the art room with my friend Bekka. Concrete does wonders on your spine, just in case you were wondering.

Anyways, Natalie tagged me in this thing, so I felt that I out to fill it out.

What did you do 10 years ago? Well, I was seven. So that means I was drawing Arthur and Powerpuff Girls like crazy... Oh, and obsessing over anything on Disney Channel, including Lizzie McGuire.

What did you do one year ago? Well, luckily I did a post this day last year, so you can just click this link. I was really engrossed in Chemistry.

Five snacks that you like? Fresh fruits and veggies, granola, almonds, and fruit snacks!

Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to? Just Around The Riverbend from Pocahontas, Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy, She Don't Want a Man by Asher Roth, Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, The Real Slim Shady by Eminem.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire? By a lifetime pass to Bonnaroo, travel errwhere, buy my parents a nice house and a yacht, build schools, and then to top it off: BUY A LLAMA FARM!

Five bad habits? Well, I'm picky, I procrastinate like a mother f, I chip at my nail polish, I stay up late ALL SUMMER, and I judge books by their cover art.

Five things you like to do? Surf the web, eat, paint, walk, and pretend I'm a stand up comedian.

Five things you would never dress in or buy? Paisley, a bikini, a mascot suit, thigh high boots, a slutty fairy Halloween costume.

Five favorite toys? Sock monkeys, Barbie, play-doh, motorized toys, wind up toys.

Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz? Aria, Ashley, KP, Chelsea, and anyone else who wants to do this!

Sorry I got less interesting towards the end. My brother wants me to read him a bedtime story :P

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keeping Close

Recently I have been so focused on other things like AP testing, the ACT/SAT, scholarships, my shipwrecked grades, and everything else in my life that class officer elections have fallen to the wayside.

Today I was reminded by Ryan, my competition, that other people have started putting up posters. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. CRAP.

I need to get on that. Pronto. SUPER PRONTO.

However, I'm not going to be over obsessive about elections to the point that I forget to spend time with my little brother.

We've been playing A LOT of dinosaur games lately. He has upward to about 20 different dinosaur toys (dolls? figures?).

Anyways, my grades are surprisingly pretty decent for this marking period. I managed to have only one C (a seventy fricking nine), which was in advanced physics, and the rest were As and Bs... Yay! And for some reason there has been an influx of cute guys that have been consistently talking to me. I have to say that I'm really enjoying all the conversation.

In other news, I'm going to be helping out with my city's special olympics this year! I get to do face painting and take pictures! I'm sure you can gather that I'm excited from all of the annoying exclamation points I'm using!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yummy. My dog cracks me up.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool Kid; Old Polaroid

(click to enlarge)

The teacher was gone in my AcaDec class, which meant AUTOMATIC FREE PERIOD! At first we played this weird game that involved strips of paper, and a lot of guessing. It was fun, but after a while people started to leave to go to other classes to study and whatnot so being the nosy students that we are we decided to rummage through some old AcaDec stuff. We found some REALLY old photos including this one. I don't know what it is about that I love about this particular one, but I almost had an urge to steal it and keep it for myself. But I didn't. Mainly because this other girl in class was like "hahahhaaaa no."

In other news, That Guy from my art class released this digital album that you can listen to for free. It's a mixture of Passion Pit/Grizzly Bear, and I kind of enjoy it. I would recommend a favorite track, but seeing as there are only four up, I'm just going say that I like them all equally.

Monday, April 11, 2011


This post about my Austin trip will be MOSTly visual, due to the fact that my brain is fried. Like really bad. Like so bad I bombed my Physics test, and I'm worried about passing the six weeks. BUT, at least I had an awesome weekend.


This was me at school yesterday. I fell asleep on the bus.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm not that low key

I forgot to mention a while back that along with my class election campaign I would also be participating in a bond election campaign for my school. It's a pretty big deal that involves my school receiving close to 30 million dollars for repairs and renovations. I'll be helping out with phone polling, door-to-door campaigning, and other various things. Needless to say, I'm very excited.

Anyways, I found out today that this one guy in band is running for class Vice President. Personally I don't think he has a chance against Ryan (my major opponent) or me. Oh yes, would you like to see my major competition?

He's your all American dream-boat of a boy, and if I were a guy, I'd be jealous. He's in all AP classes, on the math/science team, oh yeah, did I mention that he's smart? His facebook profile pictures make you wish you were as adventurous and outgoing as him (Skiing, mountain/rock climbing, water sports?!).

BUT, and that's a giant but.

I think that I stand a fighting chance against him. However, if I were to lose to him, I wouldn't mind because he'd be a good class VP. No hard feelings, but I'm going to do my best to win and crush my opponents.

Anyways, I know you guys are probably tired of hearing my talk about my admiration for Asher Roth, but honestly, after watching this interview I can't help but want to jump on the next plane (as soon as I turn 18) so that I can chill and hang out with him. Yeah. I can dream right?

Also, this is somewhat unrelated, but I've been noticing that a lot of my celebrity--- I guess you could call them crushes(?) are primarily white guys, whereas most of the guys that I like IRL are ethnic... I don't know. I just found it a little funny XD.

-I'm leaving for Austin tomorrow morning! Yay! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm no poet

From the time I was very young I knew there was one thing I could never be....

As hard as I tried I could never properly express myself in verse. Purposefully rhyming was a chore and free verse was never my thing. English class of course requires you to do things like write poems and whatnot, so here I am. With a poem that I whipped up in Spanish class.

I wrote it as a bit of a joke, and it's meant to be rapped by Asher Roth or someone who sounds very similar to him. But yeah. In other news, my trip to Austin is a mere 2 DAYS AWAY, my dad is home from California and very happy about life, and I made a 95 on my Physics homework and an 80 on my lab! I'm surprised I did as well as I did on my lab because honestly, I had no idea what I was doing and I was expecting something along the lines of barely passing.

Tomorrow I start riding the bus... Not quite sure how that's going to go, but I'm going to be optimistic about it because there are only 7 Mondays left of school! 7 weeks! And out of those weeks only 3 of them are actual school weeks. I am a happy camper.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I should be cleaning...

Yeah. I really need to be cleaning my room right now, but I had the urge to post!

Sorry about my last blog being squashed together... Blogger has been acting really weird lately and it wouldn't let me re-format it to be more reader friendly...

Anyways, I forgot to mention in my last post that my dad is in California right now attending a conference. I have no idea what it is about, but most likely it's something bussiness related. Since being there he's run into the president of some college in North Carolina and he's very adamant in having me "seriously look into this college".

I've come to the conclusion that UNLV was only the first of a long series of colleges I should seriously look into. Not that I'm not excited that my parents are getting involved in picking colleges and whatnot, it's just.... I don't know.

I'm happy that my dad is excited about the idea of me going out of state, and I'm even more happy that he's "letting me go" on his terms. My stepmom has been having talks with me. Talks about how my dad doesn't really want me to go off to college because he thinks that I'm not ready. Apparently she thinks that I'm not ready either. But that's ok. I'm the first one out of the proverbial nest so I can see why they're a bit worried.

But yeah... I'm expecting to hear more input about colleges from my dad once he gets home. I'm going to be as open minded and whatnot because HEY--- I'm not paying for it :P

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I don't know what's going on.

The other day my parents asked me a very interesting question. "Have you ever considered going to college in Las Vegas?" To which I replied with a very confused "No...." due to the fact that I didn't think of it as a plausible option. As it turns out, since I have family in Las Vegas, I could avoid paying out of state taxes by putting their address on everything and they'd visit ME on all holidays/birthdays. Sounds like a win/win to me. In other news, I've been feeling a little weird lately. My apetite is nearly non-existant, and I find myself eating only because it's the scheduled time to eat. I've been getting pounding headaches on the right side of my head just above my ear lobe that comes and goes periodically throughout the day. Since I'm not a hypocondriac I refuse to check Web M.D. like some of my friends have been telling me to do this weekend. Oh well, maybe it's my allergies?