Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take not

Call it my somewhat need for independence from my parents, or just life in general, but I hate owing people. In fact, I like it a lot more when people owe me. I don't want my parents to buy me anything of any personal importance because if I screw up, if I make a mistake, those things, those material possessions that tie me to the earth are the first few items that are marked down as contraband and seized until common sense has re-entered my mind.

This is why I refuse a cell phone.

This is why I'm going to refuse a car.

This is why I refuse many luxury, or among kids these days, "necessary" items that contribute to the overall disconnected"give me" society we live in.

I'm not saying that I loathe said items, I'm not saying that I will never want said items. I will get them when I am capable of aquiring them on my own. I constantly feel like I have to explain why I don't like asking my parents for money to hang out with my friends. Well, let's face it: Even though I am still under the legal age to be considered an adult, I don't like asking people for things. I don't like having to pay people back.

I feel like if I have control of the material items in my life, then I am this much closer to having true freedom to do as I wish.

You know what happened when my cousin made a C on her report card? My uncle took away all of her drawing stuff. All of her books, all of her art equipment. Talk about breaking someone's spirit. Yeah, my parents just give me this look, as if it made them look any better.

Taking away items is an unneffective form of punishment, for it may improve behavior but it will weaken your relationship. Whenever something was taken away from me, it just made me plan more, and work harder so that I would never have to become dependant on my parents. I wouldn't mind being the person who sends thier parents money for holidays and birthdays because they are too busy with their own life to spend the weekend with the family for more than once a year. Paying back every dime I ever unwillingly made them sacrifice to support me. In exchange for paying them back, I would then be able to do what I want, with any of my belongings, and not have to put up with thier bs.

It's a nice thought. Let's hope I can follow through.


  1. Heh, I was thinking the same way. That's why I don't have a cell phone, either. Or a laptop. Or a lot of things that teens should have regularly, apparently. If I were to ever get these things, it would be through hard-work and saving, not mooching off of my parents.

    And you're right about the relationship thing. Way right lol. You have no idea how many time I've fantasized skipping away from graduation and moving all my things out the day after.

    But this is also a flaw as well. Because I mean, sending them money to pay them back is kinda sweet, in a certain light. But you're doing it in a spiteful way. Your parents may suck, but they did raise you and doing things inspite of them will only furthur hurt your relationship.

    ...Actually, you know what? Send them the money. And tell them exactly why. Sorry, just thought of all the crappy things parents do. It's okay. I won't moralbash you if that's your decision lol

  2. I try to not rely on my parents for money, but the thing is that they refuse to take it! I had resort to secretly putting $20 in my mom's wallet to pay her back, but then the bill just mysteriously reappeared back in mine :P But that's great about what you're doing to try and be more independent!