Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fresh Farm Market

Today, after waking up at 10am I quickly made myself useful by making hummingbird juice. Do you know how much juice a little hummingbird can drink?

I do. And it's a lot. Since being at my Grandparent's place I have had to make hummingbird juice at least three times. For such a tiny bird, they drink a lot of juice.

After I made the juice and stuff my Grandparents decided that they needed to get some shopping done. I thought they meant going to Walmart, or Brookshire's or something, but I was wrong. We were going to instead buy from local farmers.

It was so cool, we bought fresh tomatoes, peaches, peas, and eggs! From a hen! Also, our coolest buy so far was an Israeli Cantaloupe. What on earth is an Israeli Cantaloupe? I have no idea. It looks like a cross between a Watermelon and a regular Cantaloupe on the outside, but on the inside I'm told it's white. I don't know. I'm eating it tonight, so hopefully it's good.

I picked that sucker out myself, and kept it in my lap as we were traveling :)

The one thing that I don't like about living out in the country with my grandparents is all the tiny farm roads. It makes me very claustrophobic, and I'm not even the one driving the truck!


  1. I love markets! Here in Germany the markets are AMAZING! I am going to miss all the fresh produce SO much!

  2. I love local farmers markets! My family hasn't been to one in forever, but we used to go up to this farm to buy strawberries all the time.... Israeli Cantaloupes definitely sound cool :D Hopefully it tastes just as good!