Sunday, July 19, 2009

Living Up To

It's hard, trying to live up to what people expect out of you.

I can't count how many times I've freaked out and just went crazy because I felt like I had too much on my plate and couldn't handle everything. My parents expect me to be mature and grown up. My mom expects me to be the best of the best so that later on in life I can support her. My sisters expect me to not make mistakes, to clear the path, and be there when they need someone older by their side. People in general expect me to be polite and kind for no reason what so ever. My grandparents expect me to live up to my potential. My friends expect me to be there and understand.

Ugh. There's a reason why I don't expect much from people, and it's just because if you don't want much, you're not disappointing, and when you get more than the little you expect, it's always pleasant and happy-making.

Oh well. Now I'm just going to listen to some super rad and calming Sufjan Stevens. His music is best described as Baroque Folk Pop. I love it. My blog song is Chicago by Sufjan, and so far it's one of my favorite songs. Anyways, here are some samplers!!

Sufjan Stevens


  1. ugh. expectations can be the most burdensome things to live up to. that's why I tend to stay spontaneous, so they don't know what to expect.

  2. I gave up on expectations a long time ago. At least with my parents and family. Being a you-know-what kinda kills their dreams anyway, so I've given up trying, haha.