Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm allergic to constant moving.

My allergies are giving me hell in the form of a crappy cough and a headache, and being the hypocondriacle self medicator that I am, one Claritin is simply not enough. Neither is two apparently.

Ah, oh well. It's all due to the constant staying in one place for less than a week, then moving somewhere else. As much as I love spending time with my family and such, I'm going to have to get a stronger over the counter allergy prescription if I keep this up.

Also, I'm going to need more pyjamas (jim jams? jammies? what do people call them?) Even though I have six pairs (all of which are some type of blue), which by the way I think is absurdly unnecessary since my laundry gets done at least twice a week, I seem to have been running short with all the back and forth-ness with my grandma Pat, parents, and grandma and papa. I don't think I want to sleep in jeans... and sleeping in the nude is weird and potentially awkward when you live with people who don't know how to knock. Knock gosh darn it!

Insert another "ah, oh well," here. Friday is a TAB meeting at the library, and maybe we'll talk about what to do with that new Wii we bought. Then Saturday is the Jane Austen Film fest, and I'm quite excited.

Is there anything else to blog? No? I swear I'm not avoiding blogging, it's just the days have started to blur into one, and today I woke up and thought it was Tuesday, and blah I had a senior moment. More art will come soon. I need to find a decent working scanner to work with first.

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