Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Generational Stereotypes

Is it true that our generation is the lazy generation? (20ish to 14ish)

At the library today there was this girl who was complaining about her life, and how she had few friends and such because of all the drama and such going on with her and a lot of girls. Personally, I think drama is just so pointless, because at the end of the day you're exhausted, you hate everyone, and everyone hates you. It just serves no purpose, and accomplishes nothing.

I brought up the subject with my stepmom she said that it was normal for their generation. She said that with the media, and all the celebrity influences they were going to be the Drama generation. I commented on how that sucked, and she just mentioned that it wasn't as bad as my generation, which apparently is the Lazy Generation.

Also, she said that we're the age group that people hate to hire because of the fact that we are so lazy. Is this true? Are we really that lazy?

However, being lazy isn't always bad. Being lazy just makes you inventive. Acronyms are born out of the want to not type out long words. Just look at the iPhone. You can google something, then call your friend to tell them what you googled, and not even move an inch!

From laziness comes slow progress because if you're lazy, you're going to want a shortcut. Or at least, I enjoy finding shortcuts. Heck, what are Segways? I'll tell you what they are: lazy transportation machines.

I would rather be a part of the Lazy Generation than part of the Drama Llama Generation. Degrassi? Puh Lease.

Leave me with my computer that can not only make phone calls, but can also re-enact the fall of Enron.


  1. I'm fine with our generation. Because our generation has seen the huge boost in technology, and that will lead to an even bigger boom in the upcoming future. Our generation has seen the transformation of common things like music, changing from tape cassettes, to CD's, to MP3's. all in a matter of 10 years. This only proves that if the drama generation can put there drama aside to make the world a better place, then the lazy generation can do the same.

  2. With laziness comes progress--we want easier ways to do things so we don't have to move as much. So essentially, our generation is the inventive generation! Right on the rise of the Technological Revolution! All your blogs are so well thought out and presented ^-^ Such a joy to read!

  3. Laziness is better than drama. It depends on if you are lazy in a way that impedes you from getting done what needs to be done and succeeding in your goals.

  4. I agree with what everyone else is saying. Sure, we've probably gotten lazier due to new technology, but so many advances have been made because of it! And I'd definitely rather be lazy than deal with so much drama... I despise drama, it accomplishes absolutely nothing besides pissing everyone off :P