Saturday, July 18, 2009

Potter, Celery, People in General

So ok, I saw Harry Potter and I'm finally ready to talk about it. I think I was able to watch the whole movie without one expression on my face, unless you count apathy.

I loved the film, it was everything I was hoping for, and almost everything I imagined was played out to the T. Although, I'm not too sure if I'm quite fond of the whole Harry/Ginny thing. Is it just me, or did it seem about as dry as my mom's Thanksgiving turkey? Ah, oh well. Also, I must agree with others when I say that I imagined Slughorn a bit fatter.

I know this post is already becoming a jumbled mess, but bear with me. One of my closest, and oldest friends has got a blog! Out of all the friends I made at public school, he's probably the ones who've stuck around the longest, and he's cool, slightly witty, and of course very interesting. However I feel that I might be biased because I think all my friends are interesting. Anyways, Celery my dear friend has finally succumbed to my influence and has acquired a blog. He's just got started, so there might not be much, but feel free to check it out if you wish:

For those of you who have been reading this bloggie for a while you might remember him from all those times I plugged his movie Chronic Insanity. More further words to encourage you check out his blog: he's not at all stupid, he just likes to cross fine lines.

But while we're on the topic of stupid people, I thought I should point out how annoying I find them. There are times when I lack common sense, but man, I am not as daft as some other people!

At the library today we had our Jane Austen movie fest (which was awwweeesome) and there was this girl (who we will call) Apple who is the most---- for lack of a better phrase, spaced out person I have ever known.

Let me elaborate. In our library showroom, we have this ginormous space with an excellent lighting, sound, and screen system. However, although we can watch movies on a giant screen and goof off INSIDE the library, there is one downside: The temperature. It's either one extreme or the other. Today it happened to be cold. It got to the point to where it was so cold, my friends Tessa, Zoe, Bekka, and I decided to make a beanbag/people sandwich. It was a nice concept, the beanbags being large enough to fit two people, and we had three, so each person was covered on front and back, however it was a bit uncomfortable at times.

From top to bottom: BeanBag--->Bekka and I--->BeanBag--->Tessa and Zoe--->BeanBag

And there was this girl who was like, "Hey, if you guys want, I can be on the bottom, and you guys on top!"

At first I was questioning her logic. Was she suggesting that one of us give up a spot? No, she wasn't. She wanted it to be:

BeanBag--->Bekka, Tessa, Zoe, and I--->BeanBag--->Apple--->BeanBag

Over and over, I tried to tell her that wouldn't work. Even if we had two people on the bottom, and three on the top, or vice versa, it wouldn't work. It was hard enough getting two people on there comfortably, three would just be a pain, and four simply impossible! Our system kept us warm, and a bit squashed, but in the end we achieved our original goal.

And throughout the night as I made polite conversation, her logic just seemed to be lacking the whole time. It was like talking to my mother, and five year old sister all at the same time.

Oh well. I only have to see her a few times a month, so I think I can deal with her.

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