Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Horses were nice, people not so much

So yesterday after I left Bekka's house, I went with my mom and two little sisters to go horseback riding.

Overall, it wasn't too bad because I spent most of my time with the horses, and getting to know them. The guy who owned the farm was super nice, and everyone called him Tito Charlie (uncle Charlie in filipino) even though no one was related to him. I helped saddle three of the thirteen horses there, and got to ride two of the horses.

One horse, which was a palomino hadn't even been broken fully, and no one wanted to ride it, so that's the one I rode. It was a bit dangerous riding him because he was so free spirited, and at times very stubborn. It took a lot of time, but after a while the horse started to get used to all the normal commands. At times, I was a bit worried because the horse would keep going after I pulled on the reins for it to stop, but after a lot of "WHOA. STOP!" s and more training it got better.

All of the other girls there were too wussy to ride the horse. To be quite honest, I couldn't stand talking to anyone there other than Tito Charlie, my family, and the horses.

The girls that were there talked mainly about stupid stuff, like getting married, and how they found the perfect wedding dress, and guys they thought were gross.

The whole time I was just like WTF? Why are you talking about getting married?! You're only a year older than me, and you guys have never even had a boyfriend, kissed a guy, or gone on a date!

They looked at me with disdain and a bit of disgust when I mentioned that I would like to be out of college, and be settled financially before I ever decided to seriously even consider getting married. After about 10 minutes of talking to them, and listening to their getting married when you're young BS, I decided that those girls weren't worth the time, and I spent 95% of the 5 hours I was there riding the horses, and eating Halo Halo (a filipino desert).

Also, while I was there, I attempted to talk to my mom, but that didn't work out, so again, I spent time with the horses.
This is me and a really nice Buckskin, who sadly wasn't broken for riding, but liked to follow me around the farm. Hopefully when I come back I'll be able to work with her, and get her up to riding condition. Also, my hair was strait, but the rain and humidity totally killed my hair and made it curly :/
And there's me riding the stubborn Palomino, and my sisters and mom. It took a long time to get this shot because the Palomino did NOT want to stand still, and it took a lot of coaxing from me to even get it still enough to get this shot without it being blurry.


  1. Eugh... those girls just sound really dislikeable :P You know those kinds of people that you can just observe for a few moments and just know that you don't like them? Yeah :P

    However it sounds like you had a great time with all of the horses :) Breaking in the palomino sounds difficult yet exciting! And really neat pictures too, you got some great shots :)

  2. Some people just don't understand how to be sensible... Horses are a lot cooler than them. Nice pictures.

  3. Those horses are adorable!!!! =D and those people sound very... naive I guess, but they'll discover the true, harsh, cyncical world eventually! Mwahaha!!! *sorry*


  4. Horseback riding sounds like so much fun. I'm kind of scared to do it, though. I might start off with a pony :P

  5. Those girls are bleh. But I'm gald you got to stay with the horses <3 That's so sweeeet~ And that picture is darling :D