Friday, July 10, 2009



Forget Twilight, and every other novel on the planet because let's face it: This book is one of the most widely excepted pieces of literature since the nutrition label on food stuff.

I'm hoping the movie will be as impressive as everyone has been playing it out to be. Even if it sucks as bad as the last one(compared to the book), I'll still probably manage to watch it at least 5+ times.

Midnight Showing FTW!!

The only downside is that later on in the day I have to volunteer at the library...noooooo.....


  1. The previous post- holy cow, your grandma is still a young whipper snapper :D Both of mine are oldddd :/

    But... screw Twilight!

    My parents refuse to take me to the midnight showing, so the only way for me to get there would be to snag a ride with my friends' parents. Of course, she has to convince her parents to take us :P I reallyreallyreally hope that we can go... the wait for this movie really has been far too long. Hopefully they don't completely ruin it. I hate how they try to shorten everything into 2 hours, but what they don't realize is that all of us Harry Potter fanatics would rather sit there for 8 hours if they made the movie as amazing as the book...

    Wow, I could keep babbling about Harry Potter for another five paragraphs but I think I'll save some of my excitement for later ;)

  2. Never been a HP fan. But who knows, maybe one day...

  3. heh. you have a job.
    i'm excited too. i remember the first movie years ago and complaining about how half of the book had been stripped from the script. i'm such a goober. isn't Cho in this one? i can't tell from the commercials.

  4. Never really got into HP lol but the movie (I only saw the first) was interesting. I... just can't get in to it = / The first book is writen in such a weird, choppy style, and it can hardly hold my attention. I've heard from my friends that it gets better, buuuut I think I'll just read wiki summeries until I get the balls to just sit there, read, and stfu.

  5. BTW I sent you a facebook request, hahah.