Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dude. I want a farm so bad. Or I want to live near a farm so I could run around taking care of the animals.

Yesterday I saw a two baby goats, a baby donkey, adult donkeys, about 0938740923 cows, chickens, and lots of doggies.

Oh yeah, and a rescued horse.

I love animals. I think they're so cool, and I've always found farm life charming.


  1. Living on a farm would be so awesome! I'd love to learn to milk cows and be able to ride horses everyday. My great grandparents apparently had a peacock farm... I wish I could have seen it!

  2. Farms are cute! After spending a childhood playing Harvest Moon, the prospect of owning a farm appeals to me as well =P


  3. After going to my friend's uncle's farm I was obsessed with the idea of having one for ages :P