Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's funeral makes me mad

Seriously? A gold coffin? Is that really necessary?

Now, before anyone gets insulted I would like to point out that I am in no way blaming the king of pop personally for this frivolous affair, but the people closest to him for extorting his fame.

I hate rich people who don't think about their actions. If there's one thing I hate about our nation, it's how we take advantage of our government. There's a reason why we're in debt, and MJ's funeral isn't helping the matter.

While MJ is having his posh funeral with a showstopping line of entertainers, people are losing their jobs, towns are going under due to the tough economy, and thousands of families are cashing in food stamps in order to feed their families.

That golden casket could have probably funded a Free Clinic somewhere, or could have helped with the growing amount of debt the U.S. has.

What makes it worse is the fact that MJ's family isn't even paying for all of the funeral, instead leaving the majority of the tab for California to pick up! As if California wasn't in debt enough!

Where's the dignity in the king of pop's death? Tickets being raffled off, a giant concert, cd's and records and other paraphenalia being bought like crazy--- This is just a money making scheme!!

Ugh. Even directly after his death, MJ's family promoted their label.

It's as if we're burning money right now, and the American public is going to have to pay for it with their tax money. Imagine all the officers and government workers on duty right now to ensure everything runs smoothly. TAX MONEY. ALL GONE. WE COULD HAVE USED IT FOR SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

And really, do we need a lavish funeral during our economic times? It might not have pissed me off so much if so many of my family members weren't losing their jobs. Sure, it puts on a good show for everyone, but it's only a show, and next week, once the "new" wears off, people are going to see how disgusting the whole situation is. The fact that all this money is going to waste is just.... incomprehensible.

Really, I blame the family for being a bunch of money hungry douchebags. We're not memorializing his death, we're just turning it into another gimmick to sell a big pile of BS to the world.


  1. I completely agree. There is no need for such extremes to be taken. My dad and I heard on the news yesterday that there would 3,000 police officers/firemen on duty there. 3,000?!!

  2. Wow, seriously? People that have no idea what it is to be low on money (i.e. MJ's family) don't understand how the hell to effectively use money.

  3. You go girl!
    I had no idea about such a pompous funeral. Jeez! It makes me mad too!
    You're right, it could have helped some people who need the money more than a dead guy.
    Seriously, as much as I love MJ, this is a too much!

  4. Dude... I was JUST about to rant abou this! I might still... But I digress, you're exactly right!