Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate vista, no hairy legs


Windows XP Ftw.

I'm going to this lady's house tomorrow to show her how to work vista. She's a friend of my grandma's, and she and her husband Larry are hilarious. It's pretty out in the country I guess, I mean they have goats and donkeys and a pool.... And they can only use their laptop on the porch...

Her husband is always teasing me about boys, and gives me the same advice each and everytime I see him.

"When you first meet a boy, ask him to pull up his pant leg, and if he got hairy legs, send him on packin'!"

So I have resolved that I have to either date a boy on the swim team, or a boy that is extremely metro, or I could always find a nice Native American boy....

Larry and the lady have grandchildren over, and I know that the two girls (12 & 5) and the little boy(3ish?) are going to be there, but I don't know if the twins (16ish?) will be.

I hope not, because one of the twins (they're both guys) wouldn't stop shaking my hand until I said "howdy" instead of "hello" back.

Just because we're in Texas doesn't mean everyone likes to say howdy. And of course when I say it I sound like a total tart.


  1. haha good luck finding a guy who shaves his legs that's a keeper.

  2. Every time I see the XP part of Windows XP, I think of the little tongue-sticking-out face haha.

    And hahaha, good luck tracking down a hairless leg guy! I actually hate when guys have really hairy legs too... *shudder*

  3. I hate REALLY hairy legs, but completely hairless would be a little strange.

  4. I don't like hairy men in general, but un-hairy legs would be weird. I think cyclists shave their legs too.
    Anyway, wouldn't it have been nice if you showed up speaking with a posh British accent (which i find is the antipode of the Texan accent) as in "Oh, good afternoon. I'm right on time for tea, aren't I?". I guess then he would let go of your hand...