Thursday, July 2, 2009

O(h my) klahoma #1

Currently at this very moment I am typing this from a well conditioned room with excellent wifi and cable TV. No I am not at the place by the lake. Why? Because of mis-communication, and family that I didn't even know I had liking to take advantage of the owner of the place living in Kansas.

I'll start at the beginning. Around 7am we had finally passed the last toll booth on Choctaw land, and were quite hungry after our 4 hour drive from Texas to Oklahoma so we stopped at this place called Harley's. At first we thought it was just going to be a plain Indian or casino restaurant, but it turns out that it was a New Orleans themed restaurant. I thought it was funny, seeing as how almost every summer I go down there, and the one time I don't, I run into it anyways.

After we finished eating, shopping for cabin supplies, and making numerous stops we headed out for a nice 10 minute drive up the hilly and winding area known as lake Tenkiller, which is named after the Indian family who originally owned the land. We pull up to the cabin, and lo and behold, the driveway is full of trucks, trailers, and cars.

It turns out that my Papa's brother Henry Lee and his Native American wife Betty were staying there. In fact, they were just about to leave for San Antonio when Carl Wayne showed up with his two kids in tow, so of course Henry Lee and co. decided to stay longer, leaving 1 spare room which is not enough to house my Papa and Grandma and I.

We had called my great aunt Francis who owns and pays for everything up at the cabin and she had said that no one was staying there at the time, but of course Henry Lee and co. didn't bother to call aunt Francis, instead claiming to have called someone else.

Later on I learned that aunt Frances was wondering why the electricity bill had doubled over the past month... well, thank good ol' Henry Lee and co. It turns out they've been living up there for a while without telling anybody.

Oh well. That's just people for you I guess.

At least I'm in a nicer situation in a hotel room than I would be up in the cabin. The cabin has no internet, or cable.

So far the trip has been nice, other than the fact that we're now having to unexpectedly pay for lodging, which in turn has caused our trip to be cut short by a day. Oh well. So it goes.

Random Oklahoma fact: There are far more bugs and spiders up here than there are in Texas. I would know. I hate bugs. And spiders.

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