Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update: The Perfect Guy

So time has shown me (and by time I mean my past blog posts) that I have changed much as a person.  My tastes alone have changed drastically.  A while back (and I'm using the term "while" loosely) I posted a conversation between my friend B and I about what criteria a perfect guy for me would fall into.  However, I have decided to elaborate even more, to accompany my changing taste.

Now, I again realize that the things I am about to list are virtually impossible, and most likely only exist in the minds of some seriously high-off-of-loooove authors, but I'm ok with that.  Typing this out only serves to help me figure this out even further on my own.  In fact, in a note I recently wrote to my friend Mary I listed the following criteria.

1.  Hygiene.  I don't care who you are, being clean and showering regularly is a must.  No one likes a smelly partner, and studies show that it heightens the chances of being chosen because good hygiene is a sign of health. I'm not too picky when it comes to this area, but again I must reinstate: TAKE BATHS.

2.  Being politically aware and even charged is also a plus.  I don't like stupid guys, I will never like stupid guys, and not being aware of what's happening in your own country is just absurd.  Now, I'm not expecting someone who knows the ins and outs of politics, I'm just looking for someone who knows what the current prominent issues are.

3. Greater than, or equal intelligence is something to seek also.  I like learning, and as stated above, hate stupid guys.  I've noticed that lately I've been gravitating towards guys who know how to uphold effortless conversations--- Where thought is involved, but everything runs smoothly.  No awkward pauses.  It's nice.  So that's that. Smart guys: automatic +1

4.  The patience to follow me to the ends of the earth when I want to save the world.  Of all the stupid things I will probably ever do, going to Uganda, Southern Congo, Darfur, etc. on my own to bring aid to all the suffering children there will probably be at the top of the list.  I would rather spend my vacation time helping dying and mistreated children than to be at a spa resort.  I need a guy to keep me calm, while at the same time at my side attempting to save the world.

5.  More patience to accompany my childish and selfish nature.  Someone rational and sane would be nice.

6.  Open Mind, Open Soul.

7.  Last but not least, someone with arms that will keep me warm on cold and lonely nights.  

So does this mythical being exist?  Probably not, and as time goes on, more criteria will most likely accompany the above, making this wondrous creature known as the perfect guy even more unattainable.


  1. someone worth your while will come along eventually.
    it may take a while, but I believe there is someone out there that's really compatible for each of us that we'll find in time.

  2. Writing your site on the back of a $10 bill is an interesting form of advertising.

  3. Haha, yes hygiene is definitely a must! And smart guys are nice too... :)

  4. let's not forget that you're an equally awesome mythical beast as what you describe. any guy who ends up with you will have his favorite fairytale. but if you find this ideal person, send his brother my way. oops, i mean DON'T do that; i'm taken.