Friday, March 27, 2009

A Blast of News in Bulk

So yes, my life has been moving a million miles an hour lately leaving me very little time to do anything related to fun.  However, right now I'm sneaking in a few minutes of me time.  Hear that?  No?  It's the sound of my muscles relaxing.

Yesterday, the whole day I thought it was Wednesday.  In fact, I thought today was Thursday.  Man was I shocked and happy to find out that it was a Friday.

Jacob.  How apathetic I am towards the name.  Why apathetic?  Because he hates apathy. Bahahaaaa.

Yesterday he "hijacked" me, or in other words-- caught me off guard by jumping on my back like a spider monkey.  No lie.  Now my back is a bit sore.  Anyways, today they (being three of the debate varsity girls) teased me to no end about "ginger brown skinned babies".  Not only is it genetically impossible for that to ever happen, it's just plain awkward.

Also, I have to point out the hypocrisy on Rachel's part.  She's Jacobs's ex, now dating my school's "golden boy" and she loathes Jacob, and preaches to every girl never to date him, or like him, yet she teases me about procreating with him?  Yeah. No. It doesn't work like that.

No one understands, nor do they see the complications that could come from me or Jacob ever having feelings for each other. (gross. did I just type that?)  

So, I will just endure their teasing.  I will continue to keep my head where it belongs: above my heart, and just laugh at anything and everything they throw at me.

Oh yeah, +15 karma for me, I bought a plastic bracelet to help a School in Africa buy school supplies!!  It says, "I am a piece of the peace."


  1. Bleh... Stupid hypocritical nonsense. Lol preaches? Like, actually has extended rants on NOT dating him? LMAO.

    Golden boy? Ne?

  2. yeah, she preaches. and tells us horror stories and such.

    and she's dating the 'most honored and prestigous guy' at my school. No lie. He's super smart, and almost every single one of the teachers and administration love him.