Monday, March 2, 2009


Today after I got home from school I got a bit of a shocker.

Apparently my parents are furious at me for all the little things I do, like:

-Not stacking dishware right
-Putting a towel on the floor of the bathtub
-Making 1 C on my report card for the first time this year
-Being a teenager
-Not thinking, and appearing brain dead while at home, because school drains everything out of me

and for the above reasons they (being my father and stepmom) have threatened to move me back to my mother's house.

Honestly, I thought I was just being a normal teenager, in fact above normal. I take punishment, don't talk back 98% of the time, or for that matter yell, but I guess I'm not good enough.

What infuriates me even more is the fact that they wave something like my living situation in my face like this. It's not cool to do this to a teenager. I like knowing where I'm going to lay my head down at night. As for living with my mother till I'm 18, I don't think I'll be able to handle it, but whatever.

It just goes to show everyone what kind of patience my Dad has. It hurt when they told be that they were so angry at me that they considered making me move out this weekend, and I'm shocked because I've analyzed every bad thing I've ever done, and all I can come up with as of recently is just little stuff.

What adds even more salt to the festering wound is that they overlook every good thing I've ever done and just put more focus on the little mess ups. Whatever. Maybe I should move out, I have no idea at this point. All I know is that my Spring Break is being spent at my mom's house because the rest of my family could care less about my welfare.

If I get food poisoning it's totally their fault. Also, I'm re-considering college. Shocker right? No, I'm not planning on getting any help from my family. I'm going to get a job and support myself with grants/scholarships/loans and without a second thought and go to the college of my choice without my parents breathing down my neck.

It's times like these where I wish Monopoly money was real, and I could rely on myself for all of my needs.


  1. As unhelpful as this sounds, try to talk to them. I've realized that my parents yell less if I don't yell back and try talking reasonably. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. Either way, sorry home life has been a bit crap, I've been there.

  2. So I'm getting the feeling that you're angry at your parents? (haha sorry that was a joke meant to cheer you up). As long as the earth exists, parents will continue to yell and threaten their kids. They'll probably sleep on it and realize that they were being completely over the top...also negotiating is a tool that might work.

    Yeah won't it be cool if Monopoly money did exist? I'd be so fucking rich right now.

  3. Aww... I'm sorry. Your parents sound mean >< Just kinda deal with them for a while--they'll realize that they were stupid and take it all back :3 or be extra nice lol Brown-noising ftw!

  4. Sometimes you should fight back. Stand your ground, if they're not being reasonable, until they regain their senses.