Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She's a lady

Arg, all day I had this song stuck in my head because of Jacob. Bah on him.

In math all I heard was: "She's a lady... woah woah woah...."

In fact, through all my classes all I heard was that. Not to mention, Jacob sings in this birdlike shrieking voice that is too feminine for his being.

Ah, whatever. Today was picture day, and no one said anything about it being picture day so basically everyone came to school looking like crap, not to mention it was a rainy day, so everyone was damp and nasty.

Once again, my school has failed me. This is like, due for an epic face-palm.

In order to stick it to the man, I hatched a devious plan to fool the system. My friend Stormy was nice enough to switch cards with me, so we ended up pretending to be each other.

Bwhahaaa this will cause major confusion when delivering picture order form samples. Usually you just walk up to the table during lunch, and they rifle through pictures that look like you, but now, oh now they're going to be uber confused. Hahahaaaaa.

In your face school.

Oh yeah, this thing, Facebook graffiti is quite addicting. I can't stop making little doodles.


  1. You are sooo good at these doodles, and I like how you draw only a part of the face.
    It's quite a fiendish thing you did there, missy, deceiving the institution like that! But quite funny nevertheless.

  2. Stick it to the man, woot! xD
    And my little Graffiti things suck compared to that, you got skillz! :P

  3. haha, sometimes my friends and I trade names when we have substitute teachers.

    I suck at graffiti.

  4. that sound hilarious, you anarchist! living on the edge! fbook graffiti is SO much fun. i used to spend WAY too much time indulging in that app.