Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I feel so useless. So insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Just when I feel like one day I will be able to make an impact in this world, or at least put a dent in all the horrendous things happening, I get a cold splash of Reality in the face.

My heart goes out to every child that doesn't have a family to love them, or even provide for them, and I had always planned on adopting a child. However, then I realized it wasn't enough. If I could I would adopt every single orphaned child in the world, but I know I can't.

If I adopted a child I would feel so guilty that I chose to save, provide for, and love them, when I left an equally deserving and needy child back at the organization.

I can't adopt every orphaned child on earth, and neither can BranJelina for that matter, so what can I do?

People usually don't see my views on abortion, but this is where it plays in:  

There are so many orphaned kids out there living in foster homes, being used for food stamps, being taken advantage of, and just living in an overall unhealthy environment. Not only do they live a rough physical life, they must live with the thought that no one wants them.  

This could easily be avoided if every pregnant teenage girl who couldn't support her baby, or if every woman that knew they couldn't handle a child would just abort.

At least the child wouldn't have to live in such a hellacious environment. This would eliminate so much unwanted situations, and overall just make things better for everyone.

PROS: Less children in the orphanage = more kids are adopted, and have a better chance of doing so.

The child would never have to live in adversity, suffering, or being used and abused. For those of you who worry about them never living life, think of it this way: They'll be up in heaven, never having to experience the corruptness of our world.

If every fetus was donated to stem cell research, we would come closer to finding cures for major diseases.

CONS: Said aborted child would never live life. That's the bottom line, if we want to get straight to it.

My heart goes out to every child who has never had the opportunity to have a mother figure, or father figure in their life. If I could, if I even had the capacity to adopt the whole world of hidden children that are most often overlooked I would. But I can't.

It's not one of those things that you can "work on" so you can achieve. It's just a common known fact. Every little bit helps?

Yeah right. Try telling that to the kid I didn't adopt, while I take care of the child that I did.


  1. a Catch-22. adoption is great. i want a baby eventually, but i'll feel guilty if i birth one of my own when there are so many orphans..

  2. Thanks for the guilt trip... =P [I AM joking, don't worry] But yeah, adoption is a great idea, but huge moral complications come with it; does the child have the right to meet his/her parents when she/he grows up? What about the other way around? Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow you are an amazing person. While some teenagers are worrying about what jeans they should wear to make their ass look 'fit' you are thinking about how guilty you feel that you can't adopt all orphaned children.

    I used to be pro-choice but these people came to our school to talk about abortion and they showed some very graphic and disturbing images and videos of babies being aborted. And now I'm not so sure. I think scientists or whoever makes contraceptives should make a 100% protection one.

    You know what, you inspired me with your post to quit thinking of myself and physicalities and help with the wrongs in this world.