Sunday, March 29, 2009

Digital Drawlin

Today my dad is taking my little sisters and I to see the movie 12 Rounds, starring John Cena. Let's all hope it's a good movie.

In other news, I've been drawlin all sorts of things, online, and old school fashion with a good ole pen and a piece of paper. Alas, I have no scanner as of 3 months ago so hopes of putting those pictures up are slim unless I can sneak some pictures in using a camera.

Facebook Grafitti is now officially my favourite app ever. That thing is so addicting. All I wanna do is draw, and press replay. Also, I've been using pictures, and putting it in notes to get my point across to the moronic few people who think ginger brown skinned babies are genetically possible.
I also use internet drawlin to tell people that they suck. A lot.
And of course, I drew some "normal stuff". I'm trying to get used to using a tablet to draw, and after a while, it's not so bad... of course it takes getting used to, but it's also very fun. I wish stuff I drew on paper would just show up on the computer... Right now my one goal is to perfect my digital drawing and get it up to par so that you can't tell the difference between my computer drawings and my paper drawings....

Bah, it'll take a while, but oh well. Time to get practicing!


  1. I sometimes use a small tablet to do some of my digital photography, but I've never been able to get used to the feeling --- not only the pen-on-tablet feeling, but also the disconnect of the writing appearing on the screen rather than on the tablet (a screen-tablet would rectify this).

    I think one thing a lot of people do is sketch their work on paper, then scan it in. Once it's in, go over it with a pen tool.

  2. What abou Bg Bg or Bg gg?

    I mean, they have black albinos, and blacks with blue eyes...

  3. It would be so hard to get used to the lines I draw not showing up right where I[m drawing them, and instead on the screen. Your pictures look really good, though.

    and lol @ the Punnett Square thing. Brown-skinned gingers ARE pretty much impossible, but the Punnett square probably will persuade no one since those aren't contained in the same gene. :P