Thursday, March 19, 2009

So nice, so mundane

Ahhhhh today was so---- nice.

Again, I woke up late, then I went to the library to chill with some awesome people. Then I got some books.

It was so nice and mundane.

And best of all, I started reading this book called Vibes, and it's great. No dark mystery, no horror, just an honest to Buddha teen book. Now you may argue that I'm going soft, but I say no. I think I'm finally accepting and coming to terms with the fact that I should savor free time, and read as many frivolous teeny bopper books as I can before I get weird looks for reading a book with a hot pink cover.

I never want to be too old to read little kid books! I don't want to start reading boring old lady books, or pervy soft porn.

Bah, what am I talking about? I have no idea. Is tomorrow Friday? Buddha, time flies!

I started reading those papers Jacob gave me and lost interest after 6 pages worth of "distributive justice" BUDDHA.

I mean, I'm all for equality, or egality, or whatever for being the grounds of Justice, but right now my brain feels like mush and it's probably because of all the not-thinking I've been doing.

I need to find someone to exchange witty banter with. Pronto before I start to loose my edge. Where is Bekka when I need her? Answer: Probably at her Grandma's.


  1. Sorry! :p You are incorrect in your assumption, young buddha buddy. I'm leaving for grampa's tomorrow.

  2. I regret not reading more teen literature when I was a teenager. I just read the classics. And what good did that do? :P

  3. xD Aww! I used to love classics... then I read the teen bopper books and realized what I was missing. I like reading the fitional lives of people who go through things much like us as teenagers xD

    And, omigosh, yes... I think you MAY be getting soft! xD