Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bringin back the blue

Today doesn't feel like a Tuesday.  I don't know what day it should feel like... A Wednesday perhaps?

I've been into reading these short paragraph like blogs, that give little tidbits, but you're left fulfilled and not confused because the paragraph they do write is so good.

I'm thinking of tweaking my layout, but I have no idea where to start.  I mean, I like my layout, I just feel like I want something new.  Maybe something nature inspired, less white, more blue... a teal perhaps...

Onto more pressing news, BLUE STEEL IS BACK. 


  1. today IS a weird feeling tuesday. and i like your layout too! but i'm sure that any change will look amazing.

  2. I really love that cute video you posted.

  3. Oh wow, nice painting! Did you do that yourself? Nice =) And I wanna see Zoolander! Anything with Ben Stiller in is generally hilarious =P


  4. Zoolander is amazing. Nice graffiti :D