Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You make me 10 kinds of angry

Oh My Goodness. How the species known as man can be this complex, I have no idea. To think-- they say we women are complex? Oh no siree, they too are just as complicated and hard to understand. This boy. This infuriating boy who does not even deserve the title of man needs to get his priorities straight. He needs to figure out what he wants so he can further end my agonizing confusion. BUDDHA.

First off, he decides to proclaim his feelings for me to the world, and every other creature that would lend an ear, then he flirts with me, and tries to go all cuddle monster on me, then a day later he decides to get moody, not talk to me, mumble a few incoherant cranky words, and then proceed to flirt with some one else right in front of me.

This boy needs to make up his mind because I'm tired of him wasting my time. I could care less, seeing as how I've lined myself up with a more respectable less moody man, but still. I'm tired. He's wasting my time. And he's getting harder to ignore.


  1. You chould ignore him as well. Then he'll get annoyed and confront you one day (works with me when I have guys like that on my nerves) then you can talk.

    :3 Or you could shank him. Whichever works.

  2. Boys are ridiculous and just as, if not more hormonal than girls. If they aren't able to at least slightly control their actions, they aren't worth your time.

  3. that damned "broken" Y chromosome. it's a wonder that males aren't even more messed up than they actually. are.