Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing will Happen

I'm tired of flip floppy boys, who don't know how to make up their minds.  If you want to be businesslike with me, fine.  That makes my day even easier.

If you want to act flirty with me, whatever.  So it goes.

However, you cannot be inconsistent with me.  You can't be one way in the morning and a different way at night.  It doesn't work like that, and I'm tired.

Leave me alone, because at this point, even if you do decide for once in your life to listen to what you preach--- Nothing will Happen.

I will not like you, nor will I show any signs of caring.  However, right now your antics are not only hindering me from achieving anything, I think you're just further confusing yourself.  In a year, hopefully everything will be resolved, and you and I can part ways.  When the day finally comes where I no longer have to see you constantly, oh what a happy day that will be.

Until then, I will curse the stars and the fates for us ever having to be in close proximity to each other, and somehow try to come out of this situation with a couple of lessons learned.

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