Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Happy Day

*Smiles all around* Today had to be the best day ever. Last night I couldn't sleep at all, so I just laid in the dark listening to CDs, and plucking my eyebrows at 2am (now they are quite lovely), and just other obscure things.

I thought today I was going to totally wipe out and crash, but I didn't. Instead, I ended up happy and chipper all day, laughing at the most absurd things. Not even my insane allergies could get me down.

But what makes today the best day ever? I have no idea. Nothing especially great or spectacular happened; I just have this undeniable feeling of pure bliss and happiness.  

Jacob, today decided to be a douche and push Keenan (blonde swimmer senior guy) into me after lunch, and Keenan was all like, "DUDE my tooth! It's chipped!"

Which caused a slight freak out on my part, but then he quickly explained it was just a joke, and it was no where near my fault that it was chipped. I think I heard him say it got chipped when he was boxing or something.....

And after Jacob left the premises, my day went on all happy and whatnot. I'm not too fond of the idea that I'm going to the District Debate meet next weekend.... I'm so nervous...... And not to mention totally out of my league.

Oh yeah, another thing that topped my day was the fact that CELERY CUT HIS HAIR.  

It used to be past his shoulders, but now it's short. So short he actually looks quite nice. I had a mini freak out and glomped him. Haha, and then he was like, "I think I broke you.."

Anyways, I had a nice day. Hope everyone else did too! Oh yeah, Random debate picture!

haha, me on the end wearing my Anderson Cooper shirt, attempting to smile and scowl at the same time, resulting in this EPIC FAIL face.  Blonde one is Josh, the ginger is Jacob, the rest are my fellow novice buddies.


  1. Haha, seems like a lot of people have been getting hair cuts lately for some reason, today like a billion guys in my school had super short hair. ;P

  2. I think most guys look good with short hair, they should embrace it, it's certainly easier for them to pull off compared to girls. Not to mention it takes like 10 seconds to wash... that is if they wash it to start with. Ew, I'm grossing myself out and trailing off.
    Love this song by the way.

  3. :D Don'ttcha love when you just have those days? <33 I'm glad you have days like that!

    LMAO ANDERSON COOPER SHIRT! I knew you liked the guy, but a shirt, Bookish?? Really? xDDD

  4. love the new layout and song. Say Anything is awesome.
    random happy days are great. glad you had one :)
    have a great rest of your week!

    P.S. the word verification is "chesty."